How to Create a Map Series in ArcGIS 10

Last week’s live training seminar previewed some of the new functionality coming in ArcMap at ArcGIS 10. Esri instructor Joel McCune covered the integrated Catalog window and much improved search tool, basemap layers, geoprocessing improvements, and more. In the second half of the seminar, Joel demonstrated how to create a map series using the new Data Driven Pages feature.

Anyone who frequently (or infrequently) needs to create or update a map series is going to love Data Driven Pages. In just a few minutes, you can assemble the series based on a layer in the map, assign a title to all the maps at once using dynamic text, and add nice touches such as an extent indicator (an outline of a feature shape displayed on a locator map—also new functionality at ArcGIS 10).

In the software demonstration below, Joel shows just how fast it can be to create a map series using Data Driven Pages. Look for the recorded version of the seminar in a week or so on the Esri Training website. Next week, on May 13th, the ArcGIS 10 live training seminar series continues with Using Python in ArcGIS Desktop 10.

Watch a demo about Data Driven Pages


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  1. mpordes says:

    I am having difficulty having the Page Definition button show up in a layer. the layer is SDE and i am using ArcEditor ?

  2. SuzanneB says:

    The help topic below lists some things to check when using Page Definition Queries with data driven pages: