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Free ArcGIS 10 Training Starts Next Week


Next Thursday, April 29th, the first of a series of free live training seminars focused on different features of the upcoming ArcGIS 10 release will kick off. For the remainder of the year, we will be broadcasting about two live training seminars per month (with the exception of July, when all attention shifts to the Esri International User Conference in San Diego).

If you haven’t yet been able to attend an Esri conference or seminar where ArcGIS 10 has been previewed, don’t miss these opportunities to learn about the new ArcGIS 10 tools that will change the way you do your GIS tasks (for the better) and improve the quality of your GIS products. Continue reading

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Traditional Value in the Virtual Classroom

Editor’s update: The Virtual Classroom has been renamed to the Esri Instructor-Led Online Classroom.

Esri started offering instructor-led Virtual Classroom training way back in 2004 with a single course (trivia question: what was the first Esri Virtual Classroom course?). At that time, it wasn’t common to use Web and phone conferencing technology to deliver real-time instructor-led training.

Over the last few years, the popularity of webinars, online meetings, and virtual classrooms has exploded. Private companies, government agencies, and educational institutions are all using the technology because the business benefits of bringing people in different physical locations together for a shared online experience are powerful. What are the benefits? Cost savings, time savings, reduced footprints—just to name three. The ability to reach more staff and customers is another oft-cited benefit.

Over the last six years, we did add to our Virtual Classroom offerings—slightly. This time last year six Esri Virtual Classroom courses were available. But this week, the format has finally reached parity with our traditional brick and mortar instructor-led classroom training. All Esri instructor-led courses (with just a few exceptions due to technical limitations) are now available in the Virtual Classroom. Continue reading

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