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Got 10 Minutes? Upgrade Your GIS Skills


A lot of people, the lucky ones who are employed, have more work to do in the same amount of time that was allotted when the economy was good. Finding time for GIS training—whether to upgrade your skills, investigate a new career path, or just stay current with the industry—is a challenge. Fortunately, training is like exercise. You can get the same benefits from combining short bursts of activity as powering through one long session.

Sure you can keep on doing your work the same old way, but at some point something happens (technology evolves, new competition threatens your market share, customer expectations about products and services change) and you realize the old way of doing things has become obsolete. Continue reading

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Do You Know the Definition of GIS?


Next week is a big week—Sunday kicks off Geography Awareness Week and Thursday is GIS Day. So here’s a short, interactive activity designed as a teaching aid for those completely new to GIS. It’s intended to reinforce essential key points about what this technology is.

Developed for the free Getting Started with GIS Web course, the goal in this activity is to drag and drop a list of words to correctly fill in the blanks in a few paragraphs that describe GIS. Some of us who are very familiar with GIS at times find it hard to explain the basic concepts in a way that novices or students can understand. Maybe this activity will help. If you’re giving a GIS Day presentation, have your audience try it out and see if they got what you were talking about.

Take a break for a minute and try it out for yourself, just for fun of course. Will you get all the correct answers on the first try?

What is the definition of GIS?


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Web Training on FEMA Tool for Disaster Management

April 11, 2012 Update: We have released a new set of web courses that cover using Hazus-MH software with ArcGIS 10 to analyze the potential impacts of flood, hurricane, and earthquake hazards.

We recently released Hazus-MH for Decision Makers, a free training seminar that covers a hazard loss estimation tool developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Hazus-MH is a free extension to ArcGIS that facilitates a risk-based approach to disaster management.

Each year, natural disasters cost billions of dollars in damage, great loss of life, and a degraded quality of life for survivors. Communities and disaster management professionals use Hazus-MH to plan for and mitigate risks posed by hazards such as floods, hurricane winds, and earthquakes.

Authored by Kevin Mickey, the Director of the Professional GIS Education Program at The Polis Center at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, the free training seminar will be supplemented soon with a series of web courses.

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