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Want to Create Python Scripts? Try the F-C-P-M-T Method

We got a lot of requests on our 2009 Esri Training survey for more courses on scripting, particularly with Python, the scripting environment included with ArcGIS. Currently, we have two instructor-led courses that focus entirely on creating geoprocessing scripts, one Web course that includes a module on scripting, and a free training seminar and Instructional Series podcast that cover Python scripting.

March 3, 2011 Update: The resources listed above are for ArcGIS 9.x. Python has been significantly integrated into ArcGIS 10. Here is a list of training options for Python at ArcGIS 10

So why the big interest in scripting? The main reason is that scripts allow you to automate GIS workflows that would be time-consuming to complete one task at a time. For example, suppose you needed to update attributes for thousands of features on a daily basis. You can write a script to update the attributes, and have the script run at a specific time each day (or at night after working hours). Continue reading

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