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Can You Show Me My House?

This was the question posed by Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley during the plenary session at last week’s Esri International User Conference. Esri founder Jack Dangermond presented O’Malley with the President’s Award in recognition of Maryland’s pioneering GIS work, in particular the StateStat website, which O’Malley initiated and champions as a government performance-measurement tool.

O’Malley repeated the question throughout his acceptance speech, saying that it represents the fundamental desire people have to understand the world around them and create connections between themselves and their environment. In other words, people want to visualize where they are in relation to where other people and things are. Of course, the GIS cognoscenti have long understood this.Click to enlarge Continue reading

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ArcCatalog Basics: Tips for Accessing and Exploring Your Data

ArcCatalog is the ArcGIS application used to explore and manage geographic data, and it seems to be a little less well known than its sibling ArcMap. As with ArcMap and ArcToolbox, you have lots of options to adapt ArcCatalog to match your preferences and workflows. Below are just a few ideas you may want to try out to make your work in ArcCatalog more satisfying and productive. Continue reading

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Training at the Esri User Conference

The annual Esri International User Conference is next week in San Diego, and the excitement around here is reaching a fever pitch. You’ve probably heard about the many technical sessions, demos, and other activities that are going on, but did you know this conference is also your best opportunity to get free training on Esri software and GIS topics? ESRI International User Conference

Esri instructors will be out in force presenting many of the technical sessions. Topics they’re covering this year include Working with ArcMap—Tips and Tricks, Basic Principles of Cartographic Design, Developing Spatial Literacy—Applying ArcGIS in the Real World, Relational Database Management and Geodatabase Concepts, and many others. Continue reading

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Map Templates and ArcMap Templates

On the ArcGIS Resources site, you can find map templates, downloadable resources that can help the non-expert cartographers among us create professional-quality GIS maps. Map templates are designed to help you author ArcGIS for Server map services (to share your GIS content in web mapping applications), printed maps, and maps for mobile GIS applications.

When you download a map template, you get more than a map. You get additional resources such as symbology style files, map cache tiling schemes, template geodatabases that show recommended ways to organize data for mapping, and documentation to guide you through the process of using the template to configure a map. Continue reading

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