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Managing Our Man-Made Ecosystems

In modern society, buildings are where we spend the vast majority of our waking and sleeping hours.  Our facilities are man-made ecosystems—vast assemblages of interdependent living and non-living components.  Facilities have become the primary habitat for the human species.

As technology advances at a record pace, our man-made ecosystems are becoming ever more complex and sophisticated.  These intricate collections of materials, infrastructure, machinery, and people, with countless spatial and temporal relationships and dependencies, require progressively more sophisticated tools to help us design and manage them.

The recognition of facilities as habitat for modern man is leading to a revolution in facilities management.  GIS technology is designed specifically for the management and analysis of spatial relationships, and offers many benefits to the facilities management community.  It only seems logical to manage, model, and design our new man-made ecosystem with the same tried and true tools used to manage, model, and design traditional ecosystems.  And this is already happening.

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What About BIM?

Competitive or complementary?

One of the first questions I’m often asked when I talk to FM and real property managers about the idea of using GIS for their facilities management is, “what about BIM?” They are concerned about whether I am suggesting bringing in a solution that is redundant to or even competitive with their BIM technology. Continue reading

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