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Esri UC Mexico Speakers to Present Process Optimization

By Jenifer Rico Pozos

The Esri SIG User Conference, will be held in Mexico City from August 31 to September 2, 2016.  GIS managers, corporate administrators and students will attend the event to network and learn from their community about the value that GIS brings to their industries. This year’s keynote speaker is Carlos Salmán González.

Salmán has spent nearly 45 years developing mapping projects in Mexico and abroad.  He is the recipient of the Esri Lifetime Achievement award for his exceptional applications of geographic technology.

“GIS provides the enlightenment and awareness necessary to stimulate the urgent changes needed in Mexico so that its citizens can realize their full potential,” Salmán said.

2016 Mexico Esri UC keynote speaker Carlos Salmán González received the Esri Lifetime Achievement Award from Esri president Jack Dangermond in 2010.

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Share Your Work—Be Part of this Year’s Plenary

The Esri User Conference is coming soon and I need your help to put the finishing touches on my plenary session slides.

Each year, the plenary session provides an inspiring overview of the state of geospatial technology today. One of the best ways to illustrate that is by sharing examples of your work.

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Virtual 3D Cities Anytime, Anywhere

Virtual 3D cities and geodesign in 3D are hot topics these days, and with new and upcoming technology the ability to not just view cityscapes, but do meaningful work, design, and planning around them, is increasingly becoming possible – and more portable.

While many of these developments are part of core ArcGIS (as found in ArcGlobe, ArcScene, and Esri CityEngine) they are also now becoming more broadly available via lightweight desktop and browser-based applications to knowledge workers, planners, and city managers – where many geodesign decisions get made.

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A 3D GIS and GeoDesign Milestone

At Esri’s 2011 International User Conference Jack Dangermond announced the acquisition of Zurich-based Procedural, developers of CityEngine, a premier software product that enables the creation of realistic 3D environments from 2D data. In a recent press release he said “Many GIS problems can only be solved in 3D, particularly in the area of urban development.”

True enough, and GeoDesign has been a GIS application area that’s been of high interest at Esri with early forays into GIS and design software development dating back to the introduction of ArcCAD in the early 1990s and ArcSketch in 2005. ArcGIS 10 marked another milestone in that evolutionary process, with true 3D data management and analysis tools really maturing at that release. But still there was a need for more content, and the need to generate it easily from existing 2D GIS data by using attributes and applying rules.

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