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I'm a Product Marketing Team Lead at Esri, and focus on the many capabilities of the ArcGIS platform. Prior to Esri, I've spent time in a variety of roles (product, marketing, strategy) across enterprise software, gaming, wearables and industrial augment reality. BS Computer Science from CSU San Bernardino, MS Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara and an MBA from the Wharton School. On the side, I really love my coffee and run a small roasting operation in the Inland Empire.

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The Aha! Moment—Turning Geographic Information into Insights

Geography is the basis of everything that happens, and using Insights for ArcGIS we can turn geography into something much more meaningful.

Geography is the foundation of GIS. It’s the “where” in the chemistry of “where, why, and how.” GIS turns geography into something much more meaningful. It enables us to transform location into geographic understanding. We can learn where things happen, and more importantly, why. By using GIS analysis we can turn “I know where” into “I know why” or “I understand.” In other words, we can turn geographic information into insight.

With that in mind, the announcement of a new application experience called Insights for ArcGIS at the recent Federal GIS Conference just might mark a milestone in the evolution of GIS.

In a similar fashion, Insights for ArcGIS represents not just an evolutionary step, but perhaps a revolutionary one. It empowers anyone to explore location-based data by applying interactive analysis to glean not only understanding, but insight. The proverbial aha! moment in true understanding. Continue reading

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