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“Change is the only constant in life.” That age-old saying is truer than ever. In today’s world, rapid technological change demands that we rethink the role of education in our lives. Rather than a prelude to adulthood and careers, learning has become a way of life. User Conference participants of all ages and all stages of professional development are actively involved in learning, teaching and mentoring. In fact, lifelong learning is one thing that the diverse community of GIS users has in common.

It’s hard to think of a technology and set of professional practices more changeful than GIS. Recognizing this, the U.S. Department of Labor identifies lifelong learning as a cornerstone of its Geospatial Technology Competency Model. Esri does its part by providing educational resources and experiences that lifelong learners need, and by supporting educational institutions at all levels. These include:

Alongside our education partners, Esri is committed to providing a full spectrum of offerings for learners who wish to broaden their horizons, both professionally and personally. The Lifelong Learning exhibit at the 2016 User Conference Pavilion will showcase these offerings and provide access to the people who stand behind them.

Representatives of Esri’s Training Services, Education Outreach, Technical Certification, and Young Professionals teams will be on hand at the Lifelong Learning exhibit. They’ll be ready to advise visitors about how Esri can help learners learn, help teachers teach, help GIS pros advance their careers, and help the GIS community change our world for the better. They’ll also be eager to hear advice about what more we can do to help. Visitors will discover education offerings that are most useful to them, and will learn about Esri’s plans to expand its support for lifelong learners.

David DiBiase

About David DiBiase

David DiBiase leads the Education Team within Esri’s Industry Solutions group. The Team promotes and supports GIS use to enrich teaching and learning at all levels, in formal and informal settings, domestically and internationally. Before joining Esri, David founded and led the Penn State Online GIS Certificate and Masters (MGIS) degree programs.
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