Collaboration When It Counts: Esri Partner Technology Addressing Domestic Terrorism

Since 2013, more than 160 active shooter situations have taken place in the United States. Imagine for a moment if those incidents could have been prevented through the use of modern technologies such as mapping software, drones, social media analysis and other real time sensors.

The Smart City Tech Summit, to be held March 29 – 31, 2016, in Kansas City, MO, will showcase how four Esri Partners, along with other hardware and software providers, can create smart solutions to combat domestic terrorism and active shooter threats. Attendees will have the opportunity to see and experience the capabilities of leading public safety technologies from established providers and emerging startups in order to foster more innovation, collaboration and to better understand how technology can help keep us safe.

“This is the first time a collaboration of teams, tools and technologies have come together to showcase how the Next Generation Officer will plan and respond to an active shooter or crisis event,” said Ken Carter, Vice President at AllSource Analysis and an Esri Emerging Partner. AllSource Analysis, and their Guardian Platform has been played a key role in the integration and vision of the technology interoperability demonstration. “Our primary goal is to improve crisis management, collaboration with both first responders and the command center, and accelerate response times to an active shooter event”.

A full-scale, live technology demonstration that will feature an active shooter threat response by the Kansas City Police Department will take place at an abandoned high school and will include live actors, police, and SWAT teams. The demonstrated technology solution will utilize an integration of advanced software and data analytics, combined with satellite, UAV, satellites, sensor, social media, mobile technologies, and recently declassified technologies for public safety to deliver a comprehensive situational awareness of the event. Each of the Esri Partners play a key role in this demonstration:

  •  AllSource Analysis: Will provide the AllSource Guardian Platform to provide real-time analysis of aerial imagery, real-time UAV video, and review of the sensors and other data sources.
  • BAE Systems: Will provide integrations with AllSource Analysis, Esri, DataCapable, ShotSpoter to visualize, in real-time, the locations of Kansas City Police Department. This includes real-time visualizations at the command center of aerial data, UAV video, and other datasets.
  • DataCapable: Will provide social media monitoring capabilities, capturing discussions of an explosion (SWAT teams will deploy as flash bangs), and then trigger situational awareness at the police station via data integrations. This includes ongoing social media monitoring at the school as the event unfolds.
  • Shotspotter: Will determine the location of gunshots fired from inside the school. Instructing Kansas City Police Department where to locate assailants and to send teams.

Attendees will learn how the latest trends, lessons learned, developments of new strategies, and deployment of public safety technologies will help protect citizens in their daily lives. The conference will foster the type of collaboration and partnership that is the hallmark of American problem-solving, and we can think of no more important problem to tackle.

Together, Esri and our partners are helping solve emerging real-world challenges by working together to embrace technology in order to create solutions that combat domestic terrorism and active shooter threats. Technology plays a major role in helping detect and manage these threats and selecting the right public safety technology is critical. This has never been more difficult due to rapid technology advances through innovation, new lessons learned from real life incidents, and being able to properly assess your security risks in an era of dynamic and evolving security threats. For every city, organization and citizen around the world, one thing is very clear: the threat of domestic terrorism and an active shooter incident is very real.

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About Chris McIntosh

Mr. McIntosh has seventeen years of professional experience in emergency management, public health, and government. Currently Mr. McIntosh is the Emergency Management Industry Manager for Esri where he works to apply advances in geospatial technology and information sharing systems to issues faced by the public safety community. Previously, he was the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Interoperable Communications Officer, responsible for the coordination of the numerous local, state, and federal communications systems that are in use throughout the Commonwealth, and served as a subject matter expert for the Virtual USA program where he applied operational and technological best practices to information sharing initiatives at all levels of government. As the Chief of Operations for the Virginia Emergency Operations Center, hdesigned and implemented the State of Virginia Interoperability Picture for Emergency Response (VIPER), a web-based GIS tool that enables emergency responders to assess visually statewide emergency response operations in real time. VIPER has received numerous awards including the Virginia Governor’s “IT as Efficiency Driver” award that recognizes the innovative use of technology to promote efficiency in government. He has a Bachelor's Degree in History from Penn State University and Masters Degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness from the Virginia Commonwealth University.
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