Smithsonian’s Historic Look at Cities

Among the current top stories on Smithsonian’s website is a “then and now” perspective of a handful of cities using David Rumsey’s historical maps and current aerial imagery in an interactive application.

The applications were built using one of the Esri story map templates, specifically the popular swipe/spyglass template which lets the user drag a “spyglass” to see through the current aerials to view the underlying historical maps. Viewers can click Swap Views to view the aerials beneath the historic maps.

The featured cities are Chicago, DenverLos Angeles, New York CitySan Francisco, and Washington, DC.

Click to view application

Many of David Rumsey’s maps are published via ArcGIS Online, and you find them in his group or by searching all content using the keyword Rumsey.

For more information visit Storytelling with Maps.

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    I thought you might be interested in a post on my blog about the great interactive map of New York you created with David Rumsey and the Smithsonian.