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The Future of Cloud-based GIS Analysis with ArcGIS Online

The cloud is growing in importance for GIS professionals, with cost efficiency, scalability, and flexibility as major drivers. We can see the beginnings of cloud options for many organizations with the ability to run ArcGIS Server in the cloud and also via Esri’s managed services in the cloud.

On a similar, but yet somewhat different and exciting frontier, ArcGIS Online is a key part of the Esri vision for ArcGIS in the cloud. However, up until recently the focus for ArcGIS Online has been on the data part of GIS – making and sharing maps, apps, and other resources, and organizing online communities.

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Jane Goodall’s TACARE: GeoDesign in Action

It’s a rare person who can make important scientific discoveries, drive significant social change, and break down gender barriers—all while becoming a household name.

Jane Goodall is such a person. As a young child, she dreamed of experiencing the geography of Africa.  And she’s a woman who has lived her dream. She set off to Gombe, Tanzania, and studied chimpanzees there for more than 50 years. What she found not only defined the first half of her career but also redefined humankind.

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The Changing Face of Mapping Organizations

Riding the wave of new technologies and trends

The map, chart and data production (MAPS) industry is being revolutionized by changes in technology, societal trends, and the mapping community itself. This wave of change is not only reshaping the MAPS industry landscape, but providing new opportunities. Continue reading

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ArcNews: 33 Years and Counting

I was sitting in Jack Dangermond’s conference room waiting to be interviewed for a position at Esri. It was October 1989, and I was already a huge fan of ArcNews, anxiously awaiting the arrival of each issue in the mail and immediately reading it from cover to cover. So what a thrill to be handed a copy of the Fall 1989 issue, hot off the press, and told “This is so new, Jack hasn’t even seen it yet.”

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A 3D GIS and GeoDesign Milestone

At Esri’s 2011 International User Conference Jack Dangermond announced the acquisition of Zurich-based Procedural, developers of CityEngine, a premier software product that enables the creation of realistic 3D environments from 2D data. In a recent press release he said “Many GIS problems can only be solved in 3D, particularly in the area of urban development.”

True enough, and GeoDesign has been a GIS application area that’s been of high interest at Esri with early forays into GIS and design software development dating back to the introduction of ArcCAD in the early 1990s and ArcSketch in 2005. ArcGIS 10 marked another milestone in that evolutionary process, with true 3D data management and analysis tools really maturing at that release. But still there was a need for more content, and the need to generate it easily from existing 2D GIS data by using attributes and applying rules.

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The Future of Mapping

At an Executive Leadership Seminar by the National Park Service, Jack Dangermond spoke on the topic of the Future of Mapping.  During his talk, an artist visually “translated” his presentation.  Here’s one interpretation:
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