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Inside New ArcGIS Online Basemaps

Basemaps are the canvas upon which you paint your data, the foundation that helps you create a map quickly and easily. But unlike the blank canvas an artist might use, ArcGIS Online basemaps also provide context and information that brings your data to life.

ArcGIS Online offers a large selection of ready-to-use hosted basemaps including the Esri World Imagery, Streets and Topographic basemaps, OpenStreetMap, Bing Road, Aerial, and Hybrid basemaps, and specialty basemaps that are designed to automatically sandwich your data between terrain and labels. These can be found and used from the basemap gallery that’s built-in to the ready-to-use ArcGIS Online applications, ArcGIS Desktop, and also the configurable ArcGIS for Flex and ArcGIS for Silverlight applications. The same basemaps are also available to developers via various APIs.

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Inside Intelligent Web Maps

Lately the words intelligent web maps have been used widely, and during the Esri 2011 International User Conference opening plenary session intelligent web maps were highlighted by Jack Dangermond and demonstrated throughout the day. So what makes for an intelligent map?

At the highest level the idea of intelligent maps is based on the fact that maps are fundamental to understanding our world, doing our work, and solving problems. They’ve evolved from simple paper maps to web maps that can be easily created, shared, and used in many different ways. And they’ve also grown in their ability to encapsulate and present geographic knowledge and capabilities, and deliver that to anyone, not just GIS experts.

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Understanding Our World

We just finished up another amazing User Conference, and I want to thank the 14,000+ people who attended and made this our best conference ever. The theme of the conference this year was “GIS—Understanding Our World,” and I tried to describe what the theme meant during my Monday plenary [you can watch video of the plenary here]. While there may be some curiosity involved in our quest for understanding, what really drives this is the need for our actions to be intelligent and based on science.

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Improving the Claims Management Process

Integrating intelligent maps

As the single largest expense for P&C carriers, the claims management process is a focal point in driving improved customer satisfaction and increased underwriting profits. In fact, a recent study by Deloitte shows that a single percentage point improvement in claims costs could return significant savings for insurers. Continue reading

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