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The Renaissance Geographer

Esri’s Jennifer D. Bell Uses Maps to Tell Stories that Matter

Below is an excerpt from an article by Carla Wheeler, ArcWatch Editor. 

Geography—even as a profession—is undergoing a renaissance. A new generation of geographers—working everywhere from government agencies to private companies—are pushing creative and technological boundaries as they analyze and synthesize information, tell stories with maps, and ignite change.

One of these new geographers is Jennifer D. Bell, a 26-year-old cartographic product engineer at Esri. Hired in 2014 on the heels of successful summer internships at Esri and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Bell uses the geographic information system (GIS) software that Esri develops to create beautiful web maps in bold colors that please the eye and tell a story. She’s a geographer, cartographer, artist, scientist, and storyteller, wrapped up into one.

“I love my job, creating maps that are meaningful and could possibly bring change,” Bell said.

Read the entire article in this month’s issue of ArcWatch.

Thinking of applying for an Esri internship? Learn about Jennifer’s journey as a Software Products Intern.

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Is the New ArcGIS Desktop Certification Right for You?

It might be, if you are a recent college grad, are pursuing a post-graduate degree, or have ArcGIS for Desktop skills but GIS is not your focus. Basically, the ArcGIS Desktop Entry exam is designed for people with less than two years of experience using the software.

Get the full story in these two Esri Training Matters blog posts:

See if this certification is for you, and how it might benefit your future career goals!

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From Esri Intern to Campus Ambassador to Career Launch

Esri Campus Ambassadors are former interns and User Conference student assistants who have been chosen to promote Esri technology and career opportunities on their campus after returning to school in the fall. Melanie Rosenberg is a great example of how this experience can help launch a successful career.

What’s your background? Where did you go to school and what’s your degree in?
In 2013 I graduated from the University of Maryland (UMD) in three years with a bachelor’s in GIS and Remote Sensing and a Certificate in Latin American Studies. I continued my education and in 2015 I gained my master’s in GIS and Remote Sensing from UMD.

During my time in school, I worked full time as a graduate research assistant or research intern at NASA for three years on and off. I also interned at the Esri R&D Center–Arlington in 2014 on the Story Maps team.

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A New Face on Esri’s University Programs Team

One of Esri’s newest employees is hitting the road this fall, possibly coming to a campus near you! Nick Kelch recently joined the university programs team and will be working closely with universities as well as helping build up Esri’s campus ambassador program. He will be using his background in technical recruiting and GIS to strengthen our efforts on campuses across North America.
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A New Network for Budding GIS Professionals

By Citabria Stevens, ArcNews editor

There are countless ways to enter the field of GIS and, with a bit of imagination and creativity, even more ways to use the technology.

This notion of limitless possibilities was the overarching theme of a series of events put on by the Young Professionals Network (YPN) at the 2015 Esri User Conference in San Diego, California. The YPN, in its inaugural year, offers budding GIS professionals—of any age—the opportunity to network with peers and meet some of the most dynamic and influential people in GIS.
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An Esri Intern’s International Experience He Will Never Forget

Phil Pitts, a student at Washington State University, decided he wanted a different intern experience that complemented his majors of computer science and Chinese language. This prompted him to apply for a position as a research intern in the Esri R&D Center in Beijing. “I was a student volunteer at SIGGRAPH in 2014 and stopped by Esri’s booth in the job fair, which sparked a conversation about building virtual reality technology in Beijing.”

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My Farewell Address: An Intern’s Reflections on Her #EsriExperience

It would be an understatement to say I did a lot this summer. At the beginning of my summer vacation I was in Dublin, Ireland finishing up my studies at Trinity College. I then took a 13 hour flight back home to San Francisco, California. When I finally arrived, I had a short turnaround to head down to Southern California to start my full-time internship at Esri as a Marketing and Branding intern.

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Get to Know Esri Interns

Have you ever wondered where Esri interns come from or what their educational backgrounds are? Even though most interns have headed back to school or are on their way to their first full-time job, you can still get to know them via this story map.

Our interns come from all different walks of life, educational backgrounds, and countries–the diversity can be seen throughout the map. You can see where each intern is from based on the point on the map, as well as where they are obtaining their degree and what Esri team were on.

Has this inspired you to apply for a 2016 internship? We’ll have more information on our website this fall. In the meantime, here’s some background info to get you started.

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An Intern with a Heart–or More Accurately Legs–of Gold

Each Esri intern has an incredible story and background, and Max Payson is no different. As a runner Max has excelled in cross country and track at Yale University, so it was no surprise when he signed up to run the 5K at the Esri User Conference. The 5K was a great success with around 600 people coming out. Max won the event with the time of 15:10, which was almost a minute before anyone else got to the finish line. He said his favorite part of the 5K was seeing his coworkers involved and participating in something so important to him. “Glad to see the GIS community likes running.” It was a common connection that sparked interest with him.

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Interns Spark Innovation by Creating Amazing Apps at Hackathon

Thirteen teams, eight presentations. Three placed, one won. These are the statistics for the first annual “Weekend of Innovation” Esri intern hackathon. With so many interns this year–well over 100–there were more activities for them to participate in than ever before and that includes the hackathon.

All the teams had to turn in their ideas prior to the event, so no one was aware of what others were doing until they arrived. This left the teams with the curiosity of whether or not the other teams had similar ideas. The teams worked non-stop from Friday afternoon until Saturday night, when they presented their ideas. The 13 teams presented in the first round; eight were selected to present in front of the higher management of Esri. That was where the winner was chosen.

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