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Inspiring Children to Learn About GIS

Many Esri employees celebrate GIS Day every year by giving presentations in their children’s schools and elsewhere in the community. Last week, Sandra, Nina, Jaime, and Patty from Human Resources were among them.

By Guest Blogger Sandra Maldonado

Volunteering at the Redlands Boys and Girls Club on GIS Day was a great experience. Spending time with the kids and sharing the importance of GIS and its impact on their world was a big hit. (Of course, the candy, cupcakes, and prizes helped a little.)

The day included a presentation with geography trivia, where kids worked in groups based on grade level and colored GIS Day printouts and a sign. This helped them relate to the importance of geography, the earth, and the many uses of maps. Other activities included coloring and reading a GIS comic book, learning about Mexico and its physical location on a map, and writing a postcard to Esri employees sharing their thoughts on GIS. Colorful cupcakes were the grand finale.

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Silicon Valley Code Camp: Where Developers Learn From Developers

CodeCamp at FootHill College.

Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California, is about to be invaded. No, not by Africanized honey bees or a new strain of flu, but by a unique species of human believed by many to hold the passkey to the future: software developers. More than 2,900 are registered to attend Silicon Valley Code Camp on the college’s campus October 6-7, and Esri staff will be right in the middle of all the action.

I spent a few minutes talking with Esri’s Derrick Burke, Technology Team Lead, and Shawn Ori, Human Resources Generalist, to learn why Esri is at Code Camp and what attendees can expect from our participation.

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Hot Job: Training Solution Sales Representative (multiple locations)

Are you a skilled sales professional who also has experience selling to government agencies? We’re seeking individuals who can communicate the value of training to Esri customers. In this role, you’ll proactively seek out training opportunities by consulting with state and local government agencies to understand their needs and leverage your networking skills to expand customer contacts.

Sandra, the recruiter for this position, says, “The ideal candidate will be energetic and enthusiastic with a passion for helping our customers be successful with Esri technology, someone who takes a consultative sales approach to growing a business and meeting customers’ training needs.”

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Esri UC Student Assistantship: 60 New Friends and Great Networking

By Guest Blogger Amelia, 2012 Student Assistant

“What am I going to do next summer?” Last winter break, I pondered the question. I had just graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s degree in geography and was gearing up to start my first semester of graduate school in the spring. While I have a research assistantship at the Louisiana Geographic Information Center, I wanted to spend part of my summer gaining exposure as an intern. I looked into a summer internship at Esri, but didn’t want to be away from my assistantship for the entire summer. The User Conference Student Assistantship program appeared to be the perfect fit. It would allow me to obtain a first-hand account of Esri’s company culture and to gain valuable exposure in only one week.

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My Life as a Summer Intern, Part 3

By Guest Blogger Zack, Support Services Intern

As my internship nears its completion, I find it hard to believe that 12 weeks have passed so quickly. Like any summer, it seems over too soon. But the sense of accomplishment as I look back on my time here is palpable and something I’m grateful, and honored, to have experienced. The convergence of human knowledge and technological resources at the Redlands campus produces a work environment unlike any other, and it’s easy to see why it is the center of the GIS universe.

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Interns Show Their Stuff

As the saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” It’s hard to believe that our first group of summer interns departed last week. Before their time at Esri ends, each intern has the opportunity to give a short presentation to their peers and mentors on what they’ve worked on over the summer. Here are highlights from two recent presentations.

Sara, Chris, Stacey, and Deepak

Sara, who will graduate next spring from the University of South Carolina with a master’s in geography, worked on the Technical Advisory Team in Professional Services. The projects she was involved in included creating demos for ArcGIS Boot Camp for a client using their own data, assisting with demos for an Esri user group meeting in Peru, working on an iPad app, and creating a SharePoint site that will be used by all Esri tech advisors in Redlands as well as our regional offices. Sara most enjoyed her interaction with clients from the different industries in which Esri software is used.

Chris, interning for a third year at Esri, is working in Defense Services in Professional Services. He will graduate next spring from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s in computer science. The two main projects Chris was involved in were an Android Augmented Reality Framework demo and Flex demos, some of which were shown at the recent Esri User Conference in San Diego. He said appreciated the hands-on experience he gained working with Esri technology.

Stacey, who graduated in May from the University of Miami with a master’s in geography and regional studies, interned as an Educational Specialist on the Content Team in Educational Services. She was heavily involved in creating a new online training course, available later this month, entitled Authoring Web Maps Using ArcGIS Online. Stacey enjoyed working with people who have expertise in both GIS and education.

Deepak is also an intern on the Technical Advisory Team in Professional Services and comes to Esri with seven years of work experience in various multinational companies. He will graduate this December with an MBA from the University of Arizona. Deepak’s internship focused on managing large technology projects and developing technology strategies for clients. Read more.

Andrew, Gonzalo, and Mike

Gonzalo, who graduated this year with a master’s in environmental and water resources engineering from the University of Texas, Austin, interned in the Mapping Center. His main project was working on the World Hydro Basemap, which used ArcHydro. Gonzalo said he enjoyed developing something useful for the natural resources sciences but also cool that he could show to his friends and family.

Mike spent his summer interning in the Technical Marketing Department on the solutions team. He will be returning to Virginia Tech this fall to pursue a master’s in geography. His projects included developing a major disaster management map for utility companies, a spatial statistics crash analysis map that identified areas with higher than expected traffic accidents, and an alternative fuel stations map for ArcGIS Online. Mike said that his internship helped him see GIS in a different way and liked learning about how it is applied to other solutions.

Andrew, who is obtaining his PhD in geography from the University of Southern Mississippi, worked in Product Development on the Mapping Team. His internship started with preparing and printing wall maps to be displayed at the User Conference, and then he recreated them as web maps and web map applications on ArcGIS Online. This project required the manipulation of complex symbology of each layer before publishing. Andrew said the internship definitely taught him how important it is to pay attention to details.

As always, it’s been great having interns with us this summer, and we wish them all the best as their either return to school this fall or start their new career, whether it’s at Esri or some other great organization.

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Hitting the Internship Jackpot

By Guest Bloggers Sara, Professional Services; Melanie, Support Services; Stacey, Education Content; and Kristen, Marketing/Industry Solutions

No matter how great the area, the job, or the people, new experiences can be hard to grapple with—especially when you move to a new location. Having a strong support system during these transitions is really important, and that’s what we got from each other.

As far as summer jobs go, the four of us know that we hit the internship jackpot this year. To say that we have been lucky to have the chance to spend a summer in Southern California with intern duties that go far beyond the stereotypical coffee retrieval would be selling our experiences short. Here at Esri, we have not only had the chance to put our educational and career experiences to work in roles that resemble full-time employees, but we have also had the opportunity to form strong friendships.

Every year, Esri attracts a wide variety of students from all over the country to participate in its summer internship program. Although most interns share a common love of all things geography, the scope of student backgrounds is vast. In mid-May, the four of us came together to begin our 12 weeks as interns and found that we all had much more in common than our resumés may have initially suggested:

  • Sara from North Royalton, Ohio, is a geography master’s student at the University of South Carolina.
  • Melanie from Phoenix, Arizona, is a recent graduate of the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s in geography/GIS.
  • Stacey, from Fonthill, Ontario, is a recent graduate from the University of Miami with a master’s in geography and will begin a Ph.D. in social studies education at the University of Georgia this fall.
  • Kristen from Stow, Ohio, is a rising senior and marketing major at Boston College.

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Intern Perks: Free Training and Being Part of UC

By Guest Blogger Owen, Solution Engineer Intern

On two occasions during my time at Esri I had the opportunity to take training courses, taught by highly knowledgeable Esri staff. This was definitely a highlight to being an intern at Esri. The first class I enrolled in was Introduction to Geoprocessing using Python, which taught me basic Python scripting and workflow automation. The other class I took was Creating Effective Web Applications, an overview of concepts in web app development. I learned the basics of the ArcGIS JavaScript API and how to make GIS content easily accessible to wider audiences.

I can describe Esri training as worthwhile—I came into the courses knowing very little about the subjects and left with good understanding. I felt confident enough to deploy what I learned in various projects throughout the summer because I had gained valuable hands-on experience.

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An Intern’s Observation: Esri Employees Passionate about their Work

By Guest Blogger Deepak, Professional Services

I am working as a summer intern in Professional Services at Esri’s headquarters in Redlands, CA. I have seven years of work experience in various multinational companies and I am currently pursuing an MBA from the University of Arizona. My goals for this internship were to get real-time experience in managing large technology projects and developing technology strategies for clients.

I am working primarily with the Technical Advisor Team which supports Esri Extended Support Programs such as the Enterprise and Business Partner Advantage Programs. As a technical advisor, you have to understand clients’ business needs and develop a technology strategy that aligns to these needs. This summer I have been attending technical planning sessions and client calls, as well as helping the team with developing high-level work plans for these clients.

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Hot Job: Solutions Product Engineer

Are you an accomplished GIS professional looking for a career change? Leverage your experience to provide technical vision, design, and project leadership in this position serving as a product evangelist for Esri solutions. In this role, you’ll work with lead software engineers to define, build, and release GIS software; capture key user workflows and functions that will be engineered into the software; and define and execute software testing activities.

Chris, the recruiter for this position, says, “The cool thing about the solutions team is that the solution products built are often borne out of project work from our professional services consulting engagements.”

Qualifications include three or more years of work experience as a software product engineer or in a position with similar responsibilities, direct experience and knowledge of applying GIS technology in new and innovative ways, and demonstrated creative problem-solving skills and ability to propose solutions. Programming background with languages such as C#, Java, Silverlight, or Flex and project management or planning experience on project teams are a plus.

Think this might be what you’re looking for? Read the full job description.

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