Earth Day, Every Day

Earlier this year, in honor of Earth Day, Esri donated tree saplings to employees in Redlands and also provided funds for each of our regional offices to plant a tree in a park or at a school in their community. Staff in the Denver regional office worked with the City and County of Bloomfield┬áto plant a tree in East Park. “The tree is just down the street, and we can watch it grow up,” said Kathy, Regional Office Administrator.

Their summer intern, Shelley Broadway, turned this experience into a story map to highlight not only the tree selection and planting, but how the City and County uses Collector for ArcGIS to inventory the over 135 species of trees in the city.

Shelley ended her story map with this thought: “Through partnerships with our communities and a commitment to environmental responsibility, we can make a difference.” Well said, Shelley.

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