An Esri Intern’s International Experience He Will Never Forget

Phil Pitts, a student at Washington State University, decided he wanted a different intern experience that complemented his majors of computer science and Chinese language. This prompted him to apply for a position as a research intern in the Esri R&D Center in Beijing. “I was a student volunteer at SIGGRAPH in 2014 and stopped by Esri’s booth in the job fair, which sparked a conversation about building virtual reality technology in Beijing.”

His work as an intern involved developing a virtual reality plugin for Esri products. “The plugin I am developing will allow internal and external clients to integrate many different virtual reality display, control, and behavioral systems into their GIS applications in a simple and hardware-independent way.” He also had the opportunity to challenge himself by debugging custom memory pool allocators in a foreign language, which brought another level of complexity to his work.

Needless to say, there were many opportunities for Phil to become immersed in the Chinese culture and he was impressed with how the locals welcomed him in their town. He hopes to go back and travel throughout China, but for now he will be coming back to the United States.

Good luck Phil and we wish you well on all your future endeavors.

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