First Intern Mixer of the Summer: Sticky Notes and Mini Muffins

Upon arriving in the Esri Café last Thursday morning, I encountered roughly 45 interns, a table of delicious breakfast items, and a stack of suspect sticky notes with strange words written on them. As humans, we are always looking for the meaning behind an action (or the reason we’re being forced out of our comfort zone), and this was no exception. Each intern was subtly given a sticky note and we went about having our social hour.

After eating and a few cups of coffee, it was time to find out what these sticky notes meant and why we were looking around and seeing words like “meatball,” “yang,” and “sock.” If you’re quick-witted, you’ll realize that these words were all similar in that they have another word that makes them a pair: Meatball to spaghetti, yin to yang, and sock to shoe. The light bulbs turned on and we were ready for what was to come next (or so we thought).

We were each given a sheet of paper that asked for our home town, what our plans were after graduation, and what our favorite flavor of ice cream is. Easy, right? Well, easy in theory anyway. We were tasked with finding our partner, filling out that sheet of paper, and being the first pair to do so. However, the promise of a prize threw the café into a frenzy. We all scrambled to write a few words, and then…a catch: We had to provide a reason for our favorite flavor of ice cream. It’s creamy, cold, and satisfying—what other reason did we need?! But we had to think of one, other than because it’s “tasty” or “yummy.”

After all the commotion, three groups eventually took first, second, and third place and we spent the rest of our time together introducing our partners and getting to know everyone else. Things should get even more interesting once a few more groups of interns arrive…

…and this is just the beginning. Keep an eye on the blog for more intern events!

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