Intern Passionate about Geography and Mapping

By Maura, Strategic Marketing Intern

Esri intern KathrynIntern Kathryn Hagerman occupies a unique niche at Esri. Serving as a member of the Partner Program Team, she is working to streamline knowledge transfer campaigns. She also worked to develop a collection of ArcGIS Online maps to share stories about the growth of the global Esri Partner Network and highlight exciting work Esri partners are doing.

With an M.P.P. in Policy Analysis and an M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago, Kathryn explains that her work as an intern allowed her to pursue her interest in how GIS can be utilized in unexpected ways. She says, “I am passionate about geography and the power of mapping in a broad range of fields from enterprise to research to public policy. It’s exciting to work at the center of all of it!”

One of her favorite memories of the summer was attending the Esri International User Conference in San Diego. There, she met representatives from the Esri partner community and experienced demos of some of their impressive solutions. “It was awesome to see so many geographers and developers come together for the plenary. I had a chance to visit many of Esri’s closest partners and see the amazing work they’re doing on everything from location analytics to imagery and 3D mapping,” Kathryn states.

Overall, she appreciates the hands-on experience she was offered at Esri. “Esri is a collection of smart and dedicated people and I have enjoyed collaborating with and getting to know many of them this summer.” After her internship Kathryn hopes to continue helping innovative people leverage the power of geography.

Her position proves how knowledge of geography can be used in a variety of fields and means. Where do you see the future of geography?

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