Top 10 Reasons to Work at Esri: Intern Edition

By Maura, Strategic Marketing Intern

As my 12-week internship comes to a close, I am able to look back and see all that I have learned after spending a summer at Esri. The values and benefits Esri proclaims on its website are not a marketing ploy: they truly exist here. To prove my point, I looked to the “Top 10 Reasons to Work at Esri” and reflected on how each played a role in my internship.

1. Contributions: Your ideas can become a successful solution. Despite only being an intern, I was given a great amount of autonomy and voice in the projects my department worked on. I helped spearhead the Esri Careers Pinterest page and pitched my own ideas for the Esri Careers blog. I really felt like I was a valued member of my team and my opinion mattered in the decision-making process.

2. Innovation: Advance the future of GIS technology. It’s amazing to go to work with people who are creating the GIS technology that is transforming the world. While my technical knowledge is limited, I felt like I was aiding a worthy cause in attracting new employees (as my internship was working on recruitment marketing) and am now inspired to further develop my GIS skills.

3. Customers: Help our customers make a difference. Esri employees truly push themselves to walk in the shoes of our customers, from the ArcGIS products they are developing to the marketing campaigns they are designing. Lessons I learned about the value of the customer will extend beyond my internship and prove useful in any future career I pursue.

4. Technology: Shaping the world around us. Whether it was the employee interviews I conducted or the information sessions held for the interns, I was constantly in a state of awe over how people leverage Esri technology. The variety of fields that GIS pertains to is innumerable and Esri employees are constantly striving to make the ArcGIS platform easier and more efficient by means of technology.

5. Geography Matters: Help others realize the importance of geography. Sitting in a coffee shop one afternoon in Redlands, I conversed with a fellow patron over the value of geography, even in everyday life. He had traveled Europe after school and his travel companion had been a geography major. His stories of when his friend’s knowledge aided their trip and his appreciation for the work Esri does further ingrained in my mind the importance of geography in today’s world. It’s much more than map making: it’s a means to better manage our planet and its resources.

6. People: Team with others passionate about their work. A common theme of passion was revealed to me during my time at Esri. It is a quality truly valued in all departments and serves as inspiration for innovation and a motivation to produce the best possible products and services. The team environment fosters these ideals and provides a comfortable, yet driven, workplace. Despite not being on the same team as many people on my floor, I felt welcomed into the Esri community through conversations in the kitchen or lunches outside the café.

7. Stability: Feel secure working for a financially stable company. Esri works in a unique way, and it plays a great factor in its success as a company. I met so many employees who have worked at Esri for ten (sometimes 40!) years and they emphasize how much they still learn every day. It is truly a place to grow and explore.

8. Work Environment: Collaborative, creative, and empowering. Often times the lines of each department are blurred at Esri, allowing employees to step outside their usual fields and work together to create something new and exciting. I worked on projects with employees from Technical Marketing to Graphic Design to Product Development, learning more about Esri as a company and making important connections for the future.

9. Growth: Develop your potential. Not only did I develop my writing and marketing skills as an intern in Strategic Marketing, but I was also given the chance to attend classes at the Learning Center, becoming more familiar with Esri technology. I was afforded the opportunity to meet employees from many different fields, opening my eyes to new career options and aiding in my development as a future employee to whichever path I choose.

10. Benefits: Outstanding benefits, now and for your future. It became clear in my time here that Esri truly cares about its employees. After writing a blog post about the Esri Fellows Program, I came to understand this care extends much beyond insurance and financial planning: it is a genuine wish that employees be happy and prosperous, allowing the company to also grow and flourish.

Overall, the past 12 weeks at Esri have proven invaluable. I have learned so much and gained an immense amount of experience. While I have listed ten reasons here, there are many more that testify why Esri is an amazing company for employees and interns, and has so much room to grow in the future.

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