Hot Job: Sales Writer

Are you an experienced writer with an interest in technology? Do you have strong communication skills and a willingness to collaborate? Utilize these skills as a Sales Writer, where you will play an integral role in our Sales Division.

Jeff, a sales writer on the Proposals/Sales Support Team, explains that sales writers have two major responsibilities. First, they work as proposal writers, helping sales teams craft clear and compelling proposals that convince potential customers to use Esri technology. This often includes technical writing and describing how Esri technology meets an organization’s technical and functional requirements.

Second, sales writers support ongoing sales operations. They work with sales staff to write letters, emails, and other documents that go directly to customers. They also develop resources that help sales staff be more effective—these resources include summaries of product changes as new updates are released, webcasts that cover important sales topics, internal blog posts, and more.

An ideal candidate is someone who is eager to help others and who thrives in a collaborative environment. A four-year degree is required in English, journalism, geography, or computer science, and strong writing skills are essential. “The most important thing is to be a writer who understands technology and communicates complex subjects in a straightforward fashion,” says Jeff.

He added that the rewards of this position are two-fold: working as a professional writer is great for people who love words, and working as a sales writer for Esri gives people an opportunity to change the world for the better. “I love writing for a company that’s doing something meaningful. Here at Esri we’re helping organizations throughout the world use GIS to better manage the world’s resources, prepare for change, and improve our communities. And I get to play a role in that.”

Sound interesting? Read the full job description and apply online.

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