Interns Learn Esri Works for its Customers

By Maura, Strategic Marketing Intern

Recently the summer 2013 interns were invited to learn more about Esri as a company, attending presentations from various departments followed by lunch with the president of Esri, Jack Dangermond, and other members of the executive team.

Interns listened as representatives from Sales, Support Services/Educational Services, Professional Services, and Software Development/Software Products presented an idea of what each department specializes in, the impressive companies Esri works with, and the new advances being made in each group.

A common theme arose in the presentations that shed light on Esri’s philosophy: people. Esri is a company that works for its customers and fosters a community in which its employees can thrive. Chris Cappelli, Director of Sales, explained, “You came here for a reason. For me the inspiration of working in the sales department is the people.” Michael Montemayor of Support Services agrees. “Support is not just about supporting the user. It’s about supporting each other.”

After the presentations, interns and their mentors enjoyed lunch, complete with guest Jack Dangermond. Intern Neil Debbage commented, “How many founders take the time to meet their interns?!” Throughout lunch Jack talked to different tables of interns about their time here and what they have learned about Esri.

Although a company of more than 2,000 employees on the Redlands campus alone, a true sense of community and unity perseveres at Esri. The company abides by the belief that a strong and cohesive internal organization will be able to better serve the community of Redlands, its customers, and the world. Interns are immersed in this culture, being exposed to different departments and even the executive team in events such as the annual “Jack Lunch.”

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