Education for the Future: the Esri Fellows Program

By Maura, Strategic Marketing Intern

As a company constantly looking to the future, Esri invests deeply in the well-being and advancement of its employees. Each year Esri teams with the University of Redlands’ School of Business to offer several full tuition scholarships under the Esri Fellows Program. This year, Esri also partnered with Claremont Graduate University School of Information Systems and Technology to award a scholarship. The Esri Fellows Program was established in 1999 and provides selected Esri employees scholarships to attend evening/weekend courses to complete undergraduate or graduate level degrees.

This year there are eight recipients and they are from Software Products, Marketing, Professional Services, Technical Support, and Sales. Four are completing an MBA, three a master’s in GIS, and one a Ph.D. in Systems and Technology.

Technical Support team member Joseph explains, “The Esri Fellows scholarship provides a great opportunity for me to continue my education and my career at the same time. I’m excited to pursue my passion in the field of geography and apply that learning to the work I’m doing at Esri.”

Employees are encouraged to pursue continuing education; in addition to scholarships Esri offers tuition reimbursement and participation in training classes designed to improve management and interpersonal skills. “Esri opened new horizons allowing me to expand my vision, which has not only been educational but great for my personal improvement. I am thrilled by the chance to learn more and improve my GIS skills, which will lead to many more opportunities in the world of GIS,” Deniz, who works in Software Products, says.

Robert, a scholarship recipient who has been with Esri since 2003, says, “The opportunity Esri has given me to gain new skills and knowledge with the Esri Fellowship is an honor and a privilege. I’m eager to start and take advantage of this opportunity to improve my work in Marketing and expand my abilities to help bring success to our customers.”

Congratulations to the 2013 Esri Fellows!

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