Chat with Esri Summer Interns; Gain Insight into Program

By Maura, Strategic Marketing Intern

This Thursday, July 18th at 4 pm Pacific we will feature three interns on our monthly #EsriJobChat. Twitter followers will be able to tweet their questions for interns and HR staff and receive live responses. We’d like to introduce our interns so you can brainstorm some questions to ask them Thursday afternoon!

Neil is pursuing his M.S. in Geography at the University of Georgia. He is currently interning in Professional Services where he is working on a variety of projects focused on using GIS and remote sensing to better manage natural resources, improve agricultural productivity, and monitor potential sources of pollution. He explains, “Over the past few months I have gained a better understanding of how ArcGIS is actually a comprehensive platform…By working on real-world projects, I have learned how these components interact with one another and enable organizations to find solutions to complex environmental issues.” He has enjoyed getting to know the other interns, exploring Redlands and Southern California, and “learning from some of the brightest minds GIS has to offer.”

Karthik is working towards his M.S. in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is an intern in Software Development on the ArcGIS for Server team. He is working to refactor the configuration of ArcGIS for Server to support multiple persistence platforms like databases and cloud-based platforms (Amazon S3, Azure, etc.). He explains, “I believe Esri is more about helping people understand their geography and achieving higher customer satisfaction rather than making money. Esri encourages its employees to pursue advanced degrees, not just in GIS but also in computer science, systems and technology, MBA, etc. by providing scholarships. The company is so diversified that there is definitely a huge scope for learning.” Karthik looks forward to the ‘Department Presentations and Lunch with Jack’ intern event this week and continuing to get to know the other interns.

I’ll also be participating in job chat this week. I’m an undergrad at the University of Chicago, majoring in Geographical Studies and Art History. I’m interning in the Strategic Marketing Department where I contribute to the Esri Careers social media outlets and assist with a variety of marketing projects. Combining my interests in geography and marketing, I’m excited to have the opportunity to work at such an innovative company. I’ve enjoyed traveling around Southern California, specifically to the Esri User Conference.

Tune in Thursday to hear what our interns have to say. Be sure to tweet questions to @EsriCareers, either before or during the chat!

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