A New “Face” on the Esri Careers Blog

Meet Maura, who will be a regular contributor to the blog this summer. Stay tuned for her posts on student programs, events for Esri interns, adventures around town and beyond, and much more.

Upon deciding to pursue a Geographical Studies undergraduate major, I began the prerequisite courses, one of which was a class on basic GIS. On my campus at the University of Chicago, few outside the Geographical Studies department have heard the terms “GIS” and “Esri.” However, after explaining to my peers what the software is, many claim some sort of knowledge, whether they used it at a previous internship or are familiar with its use in news articles, etc.

The class I took was also my first introduction to GIS. Although I am not tech savvy, I was greatly intrigued by the variety of uses for GIS in a multitude of fields. The study of geography is similar in this way: although united by one field, there are so many uses and paths one can follow in the exploration of geography and GIS that they are impossible to list. Thus, with a new interest in GIS and its uses in the everyday world, I jumped at the chance to intern at Esri.

This summer I will be interning with the Strategic Marketing department. My projects will consist of contributing to Facebook, Twitter, and the careers blog, along with working on innovative ways to attract attention to the great opportunities Esri has to offer for students and potential employees. I look forward to exploring the depths of Esri as a company, understanding its inner workings, and meeting personnel from a myriad of departments, some of whom will be featured on the blog. I am also very excited to attend the Esri International User Conference in July, learning about new features and applications of GIS, which I will feature on the blog.

Finally, I am eager to explore Redlands and the surrounding areas this summer, hopefully venturing into Los Angeles and other areas of California. As a native of Chicago, I am still awed by the sight of palm trees against the mountains that I see every day biking to work and I plan to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Overall, Esri has provided me with an invaluable experience and I look forward to gaining knowledge of geography, GIS, and marketing—and sharing it on the blog!—while I am here.

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  1. hinddee29 says:

    Congrats. I look forward to reading about your experiences. I’m hoping to get an internship this time next year.

  2. philipp37 says:

    Maura, I hope you enjoy your summer, sounds like a great opportunity! Here’s a new site you may like to keep you up to date with the buzz in the industry: http://www.gisbuzz.com.  Have fun, learn lots!