An Intern’s Perspective: Collaboration is Key

By Diana Colgrove, Summer 2012 Intern

During my two years as a graduate student at the University of California, Riverside, the “buzz” about Esri was constant. Coming from a background consisting solely of business and marketing, I didn’t know much about geography other than the fact that Esri was transforming the way GIS could be used. At first I thought to myself, “Esri must seek brilliant geographers, developers, and technology experts to enable their vision to become a reality.” Then I was given the opportunity to participate in its summer internship program upon graduating with my MBA in Marketing, and I have since learned that this statement is true, but there is also much more to Esri’s success.

I entered the program as an intern on the Marketing Analytics team within Marketing Operations. My summer project focused on establishing a reporting format for data gathered through market research. While my project was business-focused, it required having an understanding of Esri’s product offerings and their capabilities in order to conduct appropriate analysis. During my first week, I encountered a plethora of information about spatial analysis, ArcGIS, and something called a shapefile, among other things. Just as I was feeling completely overwhelmed, I realized there was an abundance of resources available to me as an Esri intern that enabled my summer to be a success.

First, and foremost, the people. I have never met a more helpful and collaborative group of individuals. My team consisted of four, but I met over 100 other employees through both formal introductions and casual talks while passing by. Everyone was friendly, willing to give me advice, and answer any questions that I had. I learned that collaboration is key to success at Esri, and being able to work with others allowed me to see how the different departments function as a unified whole.

Diana with Clint Brown, Esri's Director of Software Products

Second, the opportunities to meet other interns, as well as employees from other areas. The summer program provides a number of lunchtime sessions to stay connected, hear about current company projects, and meet recruiters. These events were a great resource for expanding my network and learning more about GIS initiatives.

Third, access to formalized training. Esri provides many training opportunities that cover a wide variety of topics. Because I took a training course on ArcGIS, I can now create, design, and publish a map (something I never thought I could have done).

And fourth, the Esri library. As soon as I started coming across terms I had never seen before, I headed to the library and picked up a collection of books. For me, one of the most helpful books was “A to Z GIS,” a dictionary of GIS terms. I kept it on my desk and could quickly flip it open to find an answer.

Together these resources allowed my internship experience to be extremely rewarding. Throughout my 12 weeks I learned the value of collaboration for success as well as the power of geography for problem-solving. Understanding these capabilities has allowed for Esri’s continued growth and I know it will enable me to be successful in the future.

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