Keeping Your Job Search Active During Holidays

Celebrations with family and friends. Shopping for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Preparing a holiday dinner that even Martha Stewart would envy. No doubt, you have a lot of extra activity going on this time of year, and it’s easy to put your job search on the back burner.

But there could be many opportunities this holiday season to give your job hunt a boost. In a recent article on, author Lindsay Olson gives some good tips, like this one:

Your competitor job seekers may not be looking. With so many people competing for the same job, now is the time to jump in full force to your job hunt. Since so many people think the holiday time isn’t the time to look, your competitors may have taken a break, while you’re out meeting and greeting the right people to get hired. Many companies want to close out their open requisitions and have a new hire start in the new year.

This goes along with a tip from Chris on Esri’s staffing team, one of the recruiters for our Professional Services Division. His advice: “Companies are still looking for talented professionals this time of year. Take a little time during the holiday season to polish up your resumé and distinguish your talents from the rest of the crowd.”

Happy holidays to you and yours from the Esri Careers Team.

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