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The 2014 Community Maps Tour Dates Being Scheduled!

Community Maps Tour 2014

The Community Maps Team is taking a road trip across America. The 2014 Community Maps Tour is being scheduled. Members of our team will be making several stops this year to a town near you. We will be conducting Technical … Continue reading

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Beyond basemaps – An introduction to the Living Atlas


Esri’s content landscape has expanded tremendously. Through sharing content in hosted cloud services, access to a suite of basemaps and topics that describe earth, people, life and urban systems are available to everyone. Esri is building a global community; it … Continue reading

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MapmyIndia content now available in ArcGIS online basemaps


We recently updated our basemaps for all of India. Users will now be able to better leverage the data provided by MapmyIndia for the Indian geography through the ArcGIS platform. From scales ~1:288k to ~1:4k nationwide and at ~1:2k and … Continue reading

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Updated World Basemaps for Australia and New Zealand


By Andrew Green, Basemap Project Manager From Middle Earth to the middle of the Outback, the basemaps for New Zealand and Australia have been updated on ArcGIS.com. Both countries offer a plethora of geographic and geologic wonders stretching from Australia’s … Continue reading

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Bridging the Americas with large-scale basemap updates


By Andrew Green, Basemap Project Manager We recently updated and expanded coverage of our World Street and World Topographic basemaps in three regions of the Western Hemisphere. You may never find that elusive “place called Kokomo” the Beach Boys sing about, … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Online World Street Map updates

The World Street Map was updated a few days ago, and we encourage you to take a look, especially if you haven’t used this service recently. We already mentioned that we extended the coverage to include more detailed data in metropolitan areas around the world. This map also features new data from DeLorme and NAVTEQ. You’ll notice as well that the cartography has been updated. Continue reading

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ArcGIS Online World Street Map Updated

The World Street Map (World_Street_Map) was recently updated to include more recent street data, enhanced cartography, and additional coverage and levels of detail.

The map was updated as indicated at the following scales:

  • 1:577,000 to 1:144,000: All areas except Antarctica
  • 1:72,000 to 1:18,000: United States including Puerto Rico, Hong Kong including Macao, Canada, Europe, and populated areas in Mexico
  • 1:9,000: United States, Hong Kong including Macao, Canada, Mexico, and Western Europe
  • 1:4,500: United States, Hong Kong including Macao, Europe, and Mexico

The map includes the following updates and enhancements:

  • Over 90 million parcels were addedin the United States
  • Expanded coverage of building footprints was added in the United States and Europe
  • One way street arrows were added for North America and Europe
  • Highway exit labels were added for North America and Europe
  • 30 meter resolution shaded relief for Canada and Europe that extends to 80° North (replacing 90M to 60° N)
  • AND Mapping data was removed from the mid-scales worldwide and in Europe
  • Data from DeLorme was added at the mid-scales outside of North America and Europe
  • Tele Atlas data was added at the mid-scales in Europe
  • Large scale Tele Atlas coverage was extended into more Eastern European countries
  • A large number of offensive physical features names were removed from the United States
  • Large scale coverage was expanded for Canada
  • Incomplete and French language street names in Canada were corrected

If you have previously used this service, you may need to clear your cache in order to see the updates.

If you have feedback or comments about the updates, please post them in the ArcGIS Online forums.

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ArcGIS Online as a substrate for GeoDesign (and more)

01/11/10–Last week’s GeoDesign Summit was a landmark gathering of professionals and academics involved in applying technology, engineering, and planning in a rapidly changing world. One of the fundamental themes of the meeting was the pairing of GIS and design, and how the design process could be enhanced by GIS. Several of the demonstrations utilized ArcGIS Online content and tools to underscore those themes, and showed how ArcGIS Online could be used as a substrate for GeoDesign.

ArcGIS Online can play a key role in providing an excellent substrate upon which to work, whether you’re a GeoDesigner, GIS user, or Web mapper looking for great content to build upon. A recent post highlighted some of the content additions and updates, and we received some additional questions about those after the GeoDesign Summit. Here’s a quick review of some of the latest content updates and some highlights of things that were shown last week.

The updated World Imagery map now compiles the best available imagery for the United States plus high-resolution imagery around the world. At the GeoDesign Summit we took a closer look at some of those cities, including London and Geneva, which is shown below. High resolution imagery is included for thousands of cities outside the United States.

Bing Maps for Enterprise aerial, hybrid, and roads add yet another dimension to worldwide high resolution imagery and street data available via ArcGIS Online. Shown below is a section of London:

The new World Street map includes building footprints for major cities worldwide with contributions from a variety of sources including ESRI users. Shown below is a section of Rome:

And here’s an even more detailed (1:1K) section of Philadelphia:

The World Topographic map was highlighted, with a new cartographic presentation of data from the best available sources, such as the USGS, EPA, TeleAtlas, and local sources. Shown here is a section of Pennsylvania:

And here’s a very detailed section of Pasadena, California, with highly detailed buildings and terrain from LIDAR data.

These new basemaps (and others we’ve not mentioned in this post) provide great maps you can use as-is or to represent a great canvas for your design or GIS work. The best way to experience these is to try them for yourself – just follow the links to preview them or add them directly to your ArcGIS desktop.

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