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ArcGIS Apps for the Field on the Windows Platform

Over the past several years we have been very busy building Apps for the Field across the mobile platforms that you use most.

Everyday workflows for asset data collection and inspection, capturing observations, and completing surveys can be realized using Collector for ArcGIS and Survey123 for ArcGIS on iOS and Android devices or using Windows 10 tablets and PCs. You can also complete Survey forms on Windows 7 laptops/tablets and Windows 10 phones. Continue reading

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ArcGIS Explorer system check utility updated

The ArcGIS Explorer online system check utility has been updated to include Windows 7, and is a handy tool to check to see how your system meets minimum and recommended system requirements.

Visit the ArcGIS Explorer download page and look for the system requirements link.

The link will bring you to the detailed system requirements information, which includes a link to run the online system check utility.

Run the utility and you’ll get a full report on your system.

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Windows 7 and ArcGIS Explorer

With the recent release of Windows 7 we’ve had a bunch of questions regarding ArcGIS Explorer running on it. The ArcGIS Explorer system requirements published at the ESRI Support Center Wiki has been updated with Windows 7 support information.

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Welcome to the ArcGIS Mobile 9.4 beta blog

Thank you for visiting the ArcGIS Mobile 9.4 beta program and the blog site. The mobile team has been working hard to deliver quality software updates in the 9.4 release and will be using this blog site as a venue for providing you with content that supplements our documentation and is of importance not only to your testing of 9.4 but your understanding of ArcGIS Mobile.

Getting Started with Beta 1 Snapshot

There are some things that you need to know before getting started with ArcGIS Mobile at the 9.4 release. First is that ArcGIS Mobile (SDK and applications) are no longer installed as part of the ArcGIS Server .NET setup!! So where is it?? How do I get started??

ArcGIS Mobile at 9.4 has its own separate setup. The ArcGIS Server .NET setup ships the functionality required to publish a map as a mobile service – that is core functionality of the Server itself. However the Mobile SDK, the client applications (Windows Mobile and new Windows application), the new Mobile Project Center application and our Geoprocessing tools to support extraction and check-in of mobile caches are a part of the new, separate setup.

So to get going, you will need to run the ArcGIS Mobile setup on your client machine.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Mobile Project Center is a new application that replaces the 9.3 functionality of creating and managing mobile projects. Mobile projects are stored on your web server. HOWEVER, the folder structure and web service that the Mobile Project Center uses to store projects on your web server WAS NOT INCLUDED in the Server .NET setup!! For the beta 1 release, you will need to do the following:

1. Install ArcGIS Server .NET and run the web post installer.

2. Install the ArcGIS Mobile Project Server setup (and integrated post-installer) on the same machine.

3. Install the ArcGIS Mobile setup on your desktop machine.

Also important to be aware of is that the Mobile Project Center uses active directory to connect to the Project Server that you installed on your web server. It will try to use your logged in or cached credentials to connect to the web server. If that fails, you will need to provide a username/password that is in the AGSAdmin group on the web server.

If you run into issues getting this to work with beta 1, please post questions to the Forum. We will be watching them regularly.



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