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Use ArcGIS Pro to save mountain lions in Southern California


Southern California, although brimming with roads and people, includes mountainous areas that serve as sanctuaries for a surprisingly diverse array of wildlife. Among them are mountain lions — alternatively known as cougars and panthers — who risk life while stalking … Continue reading

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ArcGIS for Environment and Natural Resources


Our Environmental Solutions include configurations of ArcGIS to support many facets of work across Environmental Organizations. A few areas of focus for us have been: solutions to support assessment of potential impacts of projects to the natural landscape, the collection, … Continue reading

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New Map Packages for the SSURGO Downloader

Map package from SSURGO Downloader

by Rich Nauman, Product Engineer, Esri. Do you need to use soil data in your analysis? Simply open the SSURGO Downloader Application, navigate to your project area, click the map to open a pop-up and then click the download link … Continue reading

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