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Never Want DevSummit to End? Keep It Rollin’ with the GeoDev Webinars!


The Developer Outreach Team is proud to announce the solution to your DevSummit withdrawals! We listened and are excited to keep the greatest developer event going throughout the year via our GeoDev Webinar series. For more on this, check out … Continue reading

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Join us for a FREE webinar: ArcGIS Online and the Living Atlas

The Living Atlas is a curated subset of ArcGIS Online content. It’s comprised of authoritative content in the form of maps, map layers, and analytic models on thousands of topics from Imagery to Demographics and Landscapes to Urban Systems. Every item in the Living Atlas is ready-to-use, which means it’s displaying clean, authoritative data with high quality cartography and documentation, making the data easy to find, easy to understand and easy to use in your GIS workflows. Continue reading

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Managing Lidar Data Webinar — Thursday November 6!!!

esri lidar

Smart Strategies for Managing Lidar Data | Register here. November 6, 2014 | 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 3:00 p.m. (PST) So, what’s this all about anyway? Airborne lidar is a remote-sensing technology that produces accurate 3D data of the bare earth … Continue reading

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Announcing the Esri Water Utilities Meetup

You’ve spoken, and we heard you.  For several months, the Esri water community has asked for a monthly collaboration and meeting.  A modern place for water, wastewater, and stormwater ArcGIS users to gather and exchange ideas.

Good news!

It’s here.

You’re invited to join the Water Utilities Meetup.  Continue reading

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Learn How GIS Can Expedite the Process for Backhaul Network Design at This Free Webinar

Wireless carriers are facing an ongoing challenge to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for expanded bandwidth as mobile device manufacturers migrate to 4G LTE for high-speed data transmission.

Using GIS can help you optimize your backhaul design and automate the planning process by analyzing network routing alternatives between sites, while minimizing capital expenditures.

Learn how during this episode of our 2014 webinar series hosted by the Esri TelUG Team.

Continue reading

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Free Webinar: ArcGIS Online for Organizations

Extend your GIS with Esri’s Hosted Cloud Services

The growing demand for accessible geographic information is a constant challenge to
GIS departments everywhere. With Esri’s new ArcGIS Online subscription,
organizations will have the ability to store, manage and host their mapping
services in Esri’s cloud and easily publish their geographic content using cloud services.

Join Esri’s Nate Bennett, senior technical engineer, and Paul Ross, ArcGIS Online product
manager, to learn how your organization can benefit.

Register now for this free webinar
12/6/2011 to learn more about:

  • Using an ArcGIS Online subscription to manage your geospatial assets
  • Providing web-accessible maps and data without the need for any additional server software
  • Customizing ArcGIS Online to meet your organization’s needs

You will also learn more about new ArcGIS Online capabilities, including hosted feature
and map services, administrative controls for provisioning user accounts and
resources, and how different clients can be used with ArcGIS Online.

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Free Webinar – "GIS Solutions for Sewer and Stormwater Professionals"

Learn how you can use Esri tools to improve data development, data management, and data visualization on desktop, web, and mobile platforms.
Attend a free webinar hosted by Lori Armstrong, Esri’s global water and wastewater industry manager, and staff from Critigen, an Esri Platinum services and solutions provider.
Critigen will show you a series of case studies that demonstrate how Esri technology can benefit your water utility.
Tuesday, October 11 11:00 a.m. – noon (PDT) http://bit.ly/waterwebinar 

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Community Analyst Webinar Featuring the City of Fullerton

 by Brenda Wolfe

This Thursday, September 15, Diana McCarthy from the City of Fullerton will demonstrate how she has used Community Analyst in several projects for the city.  For example, she used the product to determine whether or not a pedestrian bridge should be built connecting the university campus with a nearby neighborhood.  I won’t give away the answer here, so sign-up for the Directions Magazine webinar and learn more about this story as well as others from Diana. 


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ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Water Utilities webinar recording now available

The video for the February 15, 2011 ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Water Utilities webinar is now available on the Data Reviewer and Water Utilities Resource Center. You can find the recording here.

In addition, you’ll find a written copy of the Q&A attached to this blog post below.

Thanks for the feedback and for attending!

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Business Analyst Desktop 9.4 is Well Underway – and We Need Your Input!!!

by James Killick

You might be interested to hear that we’re well underway with planning and development for the 9.4 version of Business Analyst Desktop. We’re very excited about the new features we’re adding to the product.

Just about everything we’re putting into the next release is based on feedback we’ve gained from you via one-on-one interviews, site visits, customer surveys and by talking to you at trade shows.

However — it doesn’t stop there…

We will be conducting a number of webinars to get your feedback on the new features as we fine tune them for release. If you’d like a chance to influence the direction we’re taking and take part in the webinars please let us know.

Send an email to [businessanalyst at esri dot com] with your name, your customer number and contact details (company name, phone, email) as well as the product version you are using.

Talk to you soon,


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