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February 15th ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Water Utilities Webinar

The water utility industry is increasingly recognizing GIS as an authoritative repository of utility asset information that can be shared around the entire utility and can spatially enable other utility business systems.  As a result water, wastewater and stormwater utilities are increasing focused on GIS data accuracy.  More specifically water utilities need to ensure that their GIS data is positionally accurate (in the right place), descriptively accurate (describes the asset appropriately) and temporally accurate (up to date).

On February 15th Esri’s Water Practice and the Data Reviewer team will be offering a free webinar to discuss how water utilities can leverage the ArcGIS Data Reviewer as well as core ArcGIS functionality and the Water Utility Resource Center Templates to create and safeguard accurate asset data. You can sign up for the webinar here:


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FAQ Added to the Water Utility Resource Center

During the November 16th webcast we did on the ArcGIS 10 Updates to the Water Utility Resource Center Templates we had a number of requests to provide the questions we received and our answers digitally.  We also had some requests from the user community to added a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) area to the Water Utility Resource Center.

Since our work on the Water Utility Resource Center is guided by input from the user community we’ve now created an FAQ area and populated it with questions we were asked during the ArcGIS 10 Updates webcast.  You can view the FAQ: http://resources.arcgis.com/content/water-utilities/faq

We’ll be periodically adding content to the FAQ page.  When we add new content we’ll give an update via our Twitter account @EsriTeamWater

 If you have questions for the Water Utility Resource Center team you can email them to ArcGISTeamWater@esri.com

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ArcGIS 10 Water Utility Template Updates Webcast Recording Now Available

The recording of the November 16 2010 ArcGIS 10 Water Utility Template Updates Webcast is can be viewed here:


As was requested during the webcast, we’ll be posting the most popular questions we received and answer to the blog shortly.

We’d like to also take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the live webcast and remind you to fill out the post webcast survey email.  Feedback from the water, wastewater and stormwater GIS user community directly drives our actions. 


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ArcGIS 10 Water Utility Template Updates Webcast

On November 16th at 1:00 PM EST we’ll be giving a
webcast that explores the ArcGIS 10 updates to the Water Utility
Templates.  You can sign up for the
webcast here: http://events.esri.com/info/index.cfm?fuseaction=showSeminar&shownumber=14102

During the hour long webcast, we’ll be focusing on changes
between the 9.3.1 versions of the Templates and the ArcGIS 10 Templates, highlighting
some of the new functionality of ArcGIS 10 that we are leveraging with the
Templates, talking about installation and configuration of the Templates and
demonstrating the Templates in action.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Water Utility Templates,
they are free downloadable configurations of ArcGIS for use in the water,
wastewater and stormwater industries.  So
even if you aren’t using the Water Utilities Templates now, this webcast will
give you an overview of what they are, how they can benefit you and how you can
configure them for your organization.

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Benefits of Capital Improvement Planning with GIS Webcast

Date:  Tuesday, January 12, 2010   
Location:  ESRI Seminar on the web    
Time  1:00 PM – 2:00 PM  EST

Water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities are encouraged to join us for a free webinar exploring the new, freely available ArcGIS Water Distribution Capital Planning (CIP) Template.

See the New Water Distribution CIP Planning Template in Action

Learn how you can implement this free, downloadable template by watching a demonstration of the template as part of a typical water utility workflow. You’ll see how to use and customize geoprocessing models to gain better insight into how your water network is performing and what assets you should consider replacing or rehabilitating. You’ll also see how you can use your existing GIS data to estimate CIP project costs and cost out main extensions.

Learn About the ESRI Water Utility Resource Center.

Whatever your GIS experience, you’ll want to know how to download and leverage our free templates including the recently released CIP template. Plus, hear how to share knowledge with your peers and ESRI’s Water Team.

Find Out How Water Utilities Benefit from Using GIS in CIP

Discover the benefits of GIS-supported decision making for CIP and geodesign for project costing.

Get Your Questions Answered

The ESRI team that created the CIP template will answer your questions on how you can modify and customize the template to fit your utility’s needs.


Register – http://events.esri.com/info/index.cfm?fuseaction=showSeminar&shownumber=13106

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Webcast Exploring the Water Utility Resource Center – December 2nd

We’ve decided to repeat our webcast that explored the Water Utility Resource Center and gave an overview of ESRI Enterprise License Agreements for water, wastewater and stormwater utilities.  When we offered this webcast last month we had to 2 completely full sessions and hand a good number of people registered on a waiting list.  So we thought it would be best if we gave everyone another opportunity to participate in these webcasts.

On the webcast we’ll briefly touch on the business drivers for water utility GIS and then demonstrate the templates currently available on the Water Utility Resource Center.  We’ll than explore the ELA as an licensing mechanism for water utilities.

We’ll also have time to answer your questions at the end of the webcast.  We had some excellent discussions about water utility GIS during our November webcasts, so we encourage you to bring your questions.

You can sign up for the December 2nd webcast here: http://events.esri.com/info/index.cfm?fuseaction=showSeminar&shownumber=13107

We’ve had a lot of great comments from the water utility GIS community saying that we should do water utility GIS focused webcasts more often.  So starting in January 2010, we are also planning on doing a series of monthly webcasts focused on water, wastewater and stormwater GIS.  We tentatively planning on a webcast focused on ArcGIS Water Distribution Capital Planning template in January.  We’ll post more details shortly.

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November 5th Webcast exploring the Water Utility Resource Center & Enterprise License Agreements for Water Utilities

You can sign up now for a webcast ESRI will be giving that explores the templates on the Water Utility Resource Center and also how water, wastewater and stormwater utilities can benefit from an ESRI Enterprise License Agreement (ELA).  We’ll touch on how you can leverage the GIS best practices from the Water Utility Resource Center and then demonstration of each of the templates in action, including the newly released Water Distribution Capital Planning Template.  The webcast will also explore how water utilities are benefiting from both negotiated Enterprise License Agreements and Small-Utility Enterprise License Agreements.  At the end of the webcast we’ll answer any of your questions about the Water Utility Resource Center, the templates or ELAs.

You can sign up here:

Session 1 – November 5th 2009 1 to 2 PM EST – http://events.esri.com/info/index.cfm?fuseaction=showSeminar&shownumber=12971

Session 2 – November 5th 2009 3 to 4 PM EST –


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