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Explorer for ArcGIS (iOS) v17.1.2 released


Building upon the 17.1.0 and 17.1.1 releases, today we have updated Explorer for ArcGIS in the Apple App Store with some very important fixes: BUG-000106480—Pop-ups are not consistently displaying values when the field alias is different from the field name. … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise Early Adopters Community Available Now


With the June 2017 Release of ArcGIS Online and the 10.5.1 Release of ArcGIS Enterprise, new functionality to collaborate between ArcGIS Online Organizations and ArcGIS Enterprise Deployments is available. This new capability provides the functionality to copy Feature Layers and … Continue reading

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Intelligent Maps Checklist: Web Maps


Have you ever made a checklist for yourself to ensure that your web map is not missing anything? No? Good news, we’ve done that for you. Feel free to use the checklist below, at least as a starting place.

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ArcGIS Pro Tips: Scale-Based Symbol Sizing


Remember when every map had only one scale? 1:1,000,000, 1:500,000, 1:24,000 – these are some common scales that most cartographers know how to design maps for. However, what happens when your map will be viewed at all the ranges in between … Continue reading

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A Brief Introduction to the Maritime Chart Server


Esri is committed to developing new technologies and ways to utilize the ArcGIS platform that expands its support of the maritime operations.  One of our emerging technologies, the Maritime Chart Server, has been generating a lot of buzz and excitement … Continue reading

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Map extents in ArcGIS Online

Set Extent dialog box

Have you ever tried to create two maps with the same extent? You line everything up on your monitor in the same place, use the same scale, and click Save. But when you open the two maps in another computer … Continue reading

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Embedding ArcGIS Online web maps in iBooks


(Contributed by Owen Evans, Esri solution engineer). Embedding maps on the web is a great way to bring your content to places it will benefit people the most such as blog posts, news articles, and press releases. Another place that web … Continue reading

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UC2012: Workshop to demonstrate key concepts and capabilities of web maps

On Thursday morning at 8:30 am in Ballroom 6 C of the San Diego Convention Center, we will present a special workshop in which key members of the ArcGIS product team will demonstrate key concepts and capabilities of web maps. We will provide demonstrations to help you envision how you can effectively apply web maps in your own work.

Presenters include: Clint Brown, Lauren Rosenshein Bennett, Craig McCabe, Jim Herries, Daniel Siegel, Scott Oppmann, and Allen Carroll. Continue reading

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ArcGIS Online Maps Through Community Analyst – The Good Stuff

You might have noticed the new Select tool in the map tool palette. What in the world is this? How is it going to be useful to me? What else can I do after bringing in a web map from ArcGIS Online? Continue reading to find out more…

As discussed in a previous blog post, you can bring in the maps created in ArcGIS Online into Community Analyst and make the maps more meaningful.  With the help of this new Select tool, you can make it even more powerful.   Here’s how… Continue reading

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What’s New in Community Analyst

by Donna Buhr

OK, I promised to talk about all the other new features in Community Analyst and I always keep my promises, so once again – let’s talk. Last time we talked about the new Web Map integration features that support converting points and polygons to sites to create study areas and drive-time, donut and ring analyses, as well as using the web map data for color-coded and Smart Map Search analysis. Have you had time to play around with these new analysis capabilities to see for yourself all that you can do with Web Maps? If not, then you should because Continue reading

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