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Using Living Atlas subscriber content in public maps and apps


The Living Atlas of the World is a collection of thousands of maps, data, imagery, tools, and apps produced by Esri and its partners, as well as ArcGIS users worldwide. It is a curated subset of ArcGIS Online items contributed and maintained … Continue reading

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Table to App – Part 2: Configure the App (Geo List)


Have you ever found a table of data with some basic spatial fields like ZIP Codes or states and thought, this would be really interesting data to map? After assigning geospatial locations, have you wondered about the best way to … Continue reading

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Add tweets using the Public Information template


Twitter is a free social networking microblogging service that allows users to broadcast short posts called tweets. It’s used widely by individuals, as well as federal and local government agencies, organizations, and businesses. Tweets can include location (a user account … Continue reading

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Using the Time Aware configurable app template


Map layers may contain temporal data—an attribute field containing the date and time that something happened. These temporal events can occur in the same place, or can occur in different places, over the course of time. For example, the recorded … Continue reading

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Setting Up a Searchable Feature Layer in Configurable Apps

Search Widget

There are a wide variety of configurable apps offered in the ArcGIS Online gallery that provide many types of functionality for interacting with web maps.  A common functionality included in most configurable apps is the ability to search within the … Continue reading

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Using URL Parameters In Web Apps

URL parameters are supported in the Basic Viewer, Map Tools, Legend, Simple Viewer, Time Aware, Directions, Elevations Profile, and Filter apps. These URL parameters allow you to override the default extent or enter a search term. The scale level, extent (geographic, not projected coordinates), center, and find URL parameters are supported for these apps.

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Configuring the Basic Viewer template

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 1.06.01 PM

The Basic Viewer template, available in the ArcGIS Online template gallery, is a simple way to create an application that offers the following functionality: Search for locations and features Edit features and attributes Measure distance and area Easily navigate to … Continue reading

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New Options for Embedding Maps


The December release of ArcGIS.com included a new and improved way to embed maps. This post will review the process for creating embedded maps and explore some of the options using the same web map for each example. Accessing the Embed … Continue reading

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