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Add a locator map to your website


GIS offers much more than just the ability to put the proverbial “dot on a map.” But sometimes, that’s all you need or want to do. Here’s a very simple way to accomplish just that, in a quick minute (far … Continue reading

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Table to App – Part 2: Configure the App (Geo List)


Have you ever found a table of data with some basic spatial fields like ZIP Codes or states and thought, this would be really interesting data to map? After assigning geospatial locations, have you wondered about the best way to … Continue reading

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Best Practices for High Demand/Viral Apps

ArcGIS Onine

News Flash! ArcGIS Online users make great Apps that are used to inform and engage the public about important and interesting geospatial topics. Apps hosted on ArcGIS Online are easily shareable and can receive hundreds of thousands of views in … Continue reading

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Live Data Options with the Time Aware Template


The Time Aware configurable app template provides the ability to animate changes in data through time.  Additionally, it provides a set of live data options can be used to keep the time extent of the app in sync with the data that … Continue reading

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Accessibility Guidelines: Color Contrast Testing for Configurable Apps

Many of the configurable applications available in ArcGIS Online allow you to choose a custom color scheme for the application. This lets you customize the app color scheme to match your organization colors, fit your app theme or just pick your favorite colors.

When choosing colors for your app it’s a good idea to consider the color contrast ratio to ensure that there is enough contrast between the text color and background so people with low vision can read the text.  This is especially important if your web application needs to conform to 508 or WCAG 2.0 standards. Continue reading

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Best practices for embedding apps and web content in Story Maps


Story Maps have become a very useful and engaging communication tool for many organizations. One of the reasons for this is that Story Maps can contain many types of rich, interactive content like web maps and 3D scenes, videos, web pages, … Continue reading

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Search Widget Enhancements for Configurable Apps

feature image

A properly configured search experience allows your users to find your data easily. For this reason, we added new functionality to the search setting to the Basic Viewer, Elevations Profile, Filter, Edit, Legend, Public Information, Map Tools, Simple Viewer, and … Continue reading

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