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ArcGIS for Environment and Natural Resources


Our Environmental Solutions include configurations of ArcGIS to support many facets of work across Environmental Organizations. A few areas of focus for us have been: solutions to support assessment of potential impacts of projects to the natural landscape, the collection, … Continue reading

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EPA’s new app and website: How’s My Waterway?

How's my waterway?

by Brad Cooper, INDUS Corporation, Member of the EPA/How’s My Waterway Team EPA’s new app and website, How’s My Waterway, helps people find information on the condition of their local waterways using a smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer. It … Continue reading

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Texas Reservoir Sedimentation Study: ArcGIS Map Package now available!

Watershed Protection for Texas Reservoirs - Addressing sedimentation risk

by Ernest To1*, Carissa Belsky3, David Harkins1, Jim Patek2, Steve Stecher3, Mel Vargas2, Jennifer Walker4 1RPS Espey 2Parsons Corporation 3Crespo Consulting Services, Inc. 4Watearth, Inc. *corresponding author From 2011 to 2012, the Texas Water Development Board funded a study (TWDB … Continue reading

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Rapid Reconnaissance and Visualization of Time Series Hydrologic Data

by Stephen Brown, Graduate Research Assistant, Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of New Mexico

Hydrologic data analysis frequently begins with a tedious march through the gauntlet of national data repositories, downloading data gage-by-gage until you have acceptable coverage for your region.  The march continues as you homogenize the gage data to match locally collected values in an attempt to identify trends or simply graph the values for comparison.  A majority of research time may be spent simply conducting data discovery and management.

Incorporating a Hydrologic Information System into your workflow can save you time and increase analysis opportunities.  The Consortium of Universities for Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUAHSI) has developed an open source Hydrologic Information System (HIS) specifically to aid researchers with data discovery, analysis, and management.

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