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Empowering Action — New Tools for Crisis and Humanitarian Response

This week several members of our team attended the 3rd International Conference of
Crisis Mappers (ICCM)
that was held in Geneva, Switzerland and we were blown away by the turn out (Follow #ICCM on Twitter).  This community has grown substantially over the last 3 years – when we attended the first conference held in Cleveland, Ohio back in 2009 there were about 100 attendees.  Now there are more than 400 gathered here discussing crisis mapping and the challenges they face.  There are really 3 main things that we keep hearing as it relates to GIS and mapping: Continue reading

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New Zealand Earthquake Social Media Map

Esri New Zealand recently lifted an ArcGIS Online-powered social media map that keeps you informed of what’s happening near the disaster via various media feeds. The map shows geo-located Ushahidi posts, YouTube videos (filtered on “Christchurch Earthquake”), tweets (filters on the #eqnz hash tag), Flickr photos (uses #eqnz), and other public content.

The earthquake media viewer is based on a VGI template application that you can obtain from ArcGIS Online.

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