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Maps App JavaScript

JavaScript Maps App

Example App: Maps App JavaScript The ArcGIS for Developers Example Apps are a great way to start working with the ArcGIS Platform through the lens of a specific ArcGIS product. These example applications are designed to address real world needs, … Continue reading

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React Redux: Building Modern Web Apps with the ArcGIS JS API


I would like to share my experience building a React Redux app with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript (ArcGIS JS API). It is exciting how well these work together. I will also share some boilerplate source code to help you … Continue reading

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Writing Unit Tests for Your ArcGIS API for JavaScript Apps

Whether you’re working with an existing application, or you’re planning a new app, unit testing provides an efficient, dependable way to verify that your code functions as expected and ensure that your app’s features work. In a nutshell, unit testing provides an automated way to target, test and validate specific components of an application.

As with most things JavaScript, Dojo has you covered. Specifically, the Dojo Objective Harness (DOH), which ships with Dojo, provides a framework for writing and running unit tests. The ArcGIS API for JavaScript team uses DOH to run unit tests throughout the development process to check that changes made to the API do not break existing functionality, and that new features accomplish their intended purpose. For more background on DOH and to get up to speed on its capabilities, please head over to the Dojo reference guide page for DOH. Please read through that page to get a better understanding of what DOH can do for you. Continue reading

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