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Happy Maps


World Happiness Report¬† Every year, the United Nations¬†Sustainable Development Solutions Network releases a measure of happiness for surveyed countries, then performs a statistical regression to estimate what factors might drive a sense of happiness up or down. It’s called the … Continue reading

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Esri’s New Partnership with GEOSS


This post also appears in Esri Insider. Last update: January 26, 2014. Over the past week we heard quite a bit about the polar vortex (not a new term, by the way) as North America struggles with some of the … Continue reading

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Learn about Bridging Waters and put your WaterDot on the Map!

by Virginia Smith, Ellison Carter and James Seppi (Bridging Waters), Laura Read (Bridging Waters and Tufts University), and Fernando Salas (University of Texas at Austin)

Over the past 20 years, more than two billion people gained access to improved drinking water resources, and 1.8 billion people gained access to improved sanitation services.* With these gains, drinking water coverage worldwide has already exceeded the United Nations (UN) Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of 88% before the target year 2015. Global sanitation coverage, currently at 63%, lags behind the UN MDG of 75%. Continue reading

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