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Get started with temporal data in ArcGIS – a case study of zebra mussel sightings

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Are you trying to get up to speed with using temporal data in ArcGIS? In this set of lessons, you’ll learn how to manage, analyze, and map temporal data in ArcGIS for Desktop. Continue reading

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Unwinding the Clock: Visualizing Time with Arcade


Recording times and dates can be invaluable during the data collection phase of a project. Date data help us answer questions like, “When did this incident occur?”, “How long did it take to accomplish task A?”, or “What assets are … Continue reading

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Mastering the Space Time Continuum: Considerations for Publishing Date Fields to the Web


Have you ever published data with date/time fields as map services or feature services? After they were published and added to a web map and app, did the date and/or time display incorrectly? Did you spend a few hours trying … Continue reading

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Live Data Options with the Time Aware Template


The Time Aware configurable app template provides the ability to animate changes in data through time.  Additionally, it provides a set of live data options can be used to keep the time extent of the app in sync with the data that … Continue reading

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Using the Time Aware configurable app template


Map layers may contain temporal data—an attribute field containing the date and time that something happened. These temporal events can occur in the same place, or can occur in different places, over the course of time. For example, the recorded … Continue reading

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What’s New in Smart Mapping (June 2016)


Many datasets contain a date or time field, but showing them in the map can be a challenge. The June 2016 ArcGIS Online release has new map styles that allow you to visualize information found in date and time fields. … Continue reading

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5 New Ways to View Transit


Who are the people served by your city’s transit system? And who isn’t, but should be? How does transit change throughout the day? And what is the best way to analyze service areas? As urban areas are investing more time, … Continue reading

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How to make a time-aware Story Map


A new ArcGIS Online configurable app was released in July 2015 that provides an updated experience for sharing time-enabled maps. The Time Aware app looks and works great on its own, but it also provides a way to add time-enabled … Continue reading

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Mapping Time – Kraak’s new book now available

By Aileen Buckley, Esri Professional Cartographer

Presentation - ThumbnailReknown cartographer, Menno-Jan Kraak, has published a new book! I’ve been waiting for this — and it was worth waiting for! With beautiful maps and graphics, Menno-Jan illustrates how to visualize temporal data in a compelling and informative way, as only he can.  Take the time to check this out! Continue reading

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The ArcGIS Predictive Analysis Tools Add-In is available for download

ArcGIS Predictive Analysis Tools Add-In

The ArcGIS Predictive Analysis Tools Add-In is available for download. The ArcGIS Predictive Analysis Tools Add-In is a set of tools used by analysts to build models to predict the location of moving or stationary targets or events. You can … Continue reading

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