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Who would win? Matching layer types to common workflows


One of the great things about ArcGIS Online is having the multiple ways of delivering your data, it ensures that you can tailor it different ways and deliver the best experience for your many different audiences.  In a sea of … Continue reading

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Best Practices for using Tile Layers as Operational Layers


Complex global geometries can sometimes be slow to draw in web apps, especially if the data includes multiple countries with islands, long coastlines, and jagged boundaries. Make tile layers your operational layer type of choice to optimize drawing performance of complex geometries at small … Continue reading

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Adding tile layers to your web map


With the March 2013 ArcGIS Online update, map authors can now add GeoRSS, OGC WMTS, and tile layers to their web maps. Here’s how you add tile layers using the ArcGIS.com map viewer.

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