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Get started with temporal data in ArcGIS – a case study of zebra mussel sightings

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Are you trying to get up to speed with using temporal data in ArcGIS? In this set of lessons, you’ll learn how to manage, analyze, and map temporal data in ArcGIS for Desktop. Continue reading

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NAIP 2016 Image Layer is Now Available


Did you know that Esri hosts a set of image layers with recent 1m (or better) resolution, multispectral imagery for the continental United States?  The Living Atlas includes a set of NAIP image layers hosted by Esri and these layers … Continue reading

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Showing Time in Story Maps


Time is a theme that appears in many stories. For instance, some interesting story maps that include time show tracking the spread of diseases like Zika or white nose syndrome (which affects bats), finding patterns in where and when car … Continue reading

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Using the Time Aware configurable app template


Map layers may contain temporal data—an attribute field containing the date and time that something happened. These temporal events can occur in the same place, or can occur in different places, over the course of time. For example, the recorded … Continue reading

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What’s New in Smart Mapping (June 2016)


Many datasets contain a date or time field, but showing them in the map can be a challenge. The June 2016 ArcGIS Online release has new map styles that allow you to visualize information found in date and time fields. … Continue reading

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How to make a time-aware Story Map


A new ArcGIS Online configurable app was released in July 2015 that provides an updated experience for sharing time-enabled maps. The Time Aware app looks and works great on its own, but it also provides a way to add time-enabled … Continue reading

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New Temporal Maps Group on ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online Temporal Maps GroupThe new ArcGIS Online Temporal Maps Group has maps, exercises, and presentations related to mapping temporal data with ArcGIS. The contents currently include resources that were presented at the 2013 Esri International User Conference including the technical workshop presentations and many of the maps that were shown. It also includes the resources from the 2013 Esri Education User Conference including the exercises and presentations. Continue reading

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ArcGIS Online Time-Aware Maps at PUG

During this morning’s plenary demonstration, we saw some interesting examples of how webmaps are becoming easier to author (using available ArcGIS Online basemaps), easier to deploy, and “smarter.” ArcGIS webmaps now support temporal services – time aware layers that add additional capabilities to the webmap, like the availability of a time slider. Shown below is an example from the demo this morning which shows production wells in the Teapot Dome Oil Field. Note the time slider below the map, which allows the user to play back the well production over time.

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ArcGIS Online at the EPC Plenary

This morning during the Esri Partner Conference (EPC) plenary session we provided an overview of the strategies and goals for ArcGIS Online, and a brief demonstration of new capabilities introduced with the latest release (publicly released this past week). Here’s a recap of what was demonstrated at the conference.

A key foundational element of ArcGIS Online is the webmap. This is more than “just a map” - it’s a specification that Esri is evolving that enables any ArcGIS Online map to be used anywhere, by everyone, easily. ArcGIS Online maps can be used in ready-to-use viewers like the ArcGIS.com map viewer, Explorer Online, configurable applications, custom apps, mobile apps, ArcGIS Desktop, and more. Some key additions to the webmap specification provide cross-client support for these features.

First shown was the support for temporal services, an ArcGIS service that was introduced at ArcGIS 10 that publishes and allows the display of time-dated information. Shown at the EPC (and pictured below) is a temporal service using archived Telvent weather data published as temporal service. Once you add a temporal service to the ArcGIS.com map viewer, or Explorer Online, you can display a slider to control temporal navigation, and manage properties for playback. Note the slider at the bottom of the map in the screen capture below:

Also part of the webmap is support for configuring pop-ups. So rather than just displaying a list of attributes, that information can be formatted for display in custom ways, including as pie charts, shown below:


When you embed an ArcGIS Online map in a Web page or blog post, these pop-ups are also supported because they are a part of the ArcGIS Online webmap specification. Even if you’re a custom application developer, by authoring and saving these in an ArcGIS Online map, you can easily leverage them in your custom apps. Below is the same map seen above, but embedded in a blog post.

And here is the same map shown in one of the downloadable templates (source code included) found in the template gallery:

Map notes, formerly unique to ArcGIS Explorer, are also part of the webmap and have been implemented as features in feature layers. Notes can be edited and also shared between applications. Here is a note and the note feature templates in the ArcGIS.com map viewer:

All of the above capabilities are also common to Explorer Online, since they all use the same webmap foundation. Explorer Online has the unique ability to create new feature templates from existing ones, and also to author presentations, shown below:

Finally, a demonstration of ArcGIS Portal wrapped up the plenary presentation. ArcGIS Portal is the same framework that Esri uses to build its public ArcGIS Online. Using ArcGIS Portal users can now implement their own “ArcGIS Online-like” portal within their organization, behind their firewalls. Shown below is one of the skins which has been applied to ArcGIS Portal. Though it leverages the same framework as ArcGIS Online, it looks completely different and includes some unique features.

To learn more about these new features you can view the what’s new at ArcGIS.com videos, videos published on the ArcGIS Online Esri website, and the what’s new in ArcGIS Explorer Online help topic.


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