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Importing Older Styles into ArcGIS Pro

Written By Chait Gaddam

Styles are collections of symbols and other map components that can promote consistency across related map products or organizations. Styles created in previous versions of ArcGIS for Desktop can be used easily in ArcGIS Pro. To import these files:

  1. On the Insert tab, in the Styles group, click Import.
  2. Browse to a style file (.style) on your computer or network and click Open.

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Understanding Esri Vector Basemap File Structure


Updated December 15, 2016:  The Esri Vector Basemaps are no longer in beta release and are now available to use in production web maps and apps. The best way to access them in ArcGIS Online is through the Esri owned … Continue reading

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Customize Esri Vector Basemap Boundaries and Labels

Local Language Labels

Updated December 15, 2016:  The Esri Vector Basemaps are no longer in beta release and are now available to use in production web maps and apps. The best way to access them in ArcGIS Online is through the Esri owned … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Solutions symbols now have a repo on GitHub


ArcGIS Solutions, which include Local Government, Utilities, Intelligence, and Military, to name a few, now have a GitHub Repo dedicated to symbols used in our templates. The first symbol set in the repo is the SIGACT symbols used in the … Continue reading

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Esri Ocean basemap color style available for download


Esri released its beautiful Ocean Basemap in June 2011. Some of you have been asking for a style that contains the colors used to symbolize the bathymetry in that basemap. Now you can download the Ocean Basemap color style, which contains the colors used to display the bathymetry in the Esri Ocean Basemap. Continue reading

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3D spheres style with PNG symbols available for download


n our Making Beautiful Maps technical workshop at the 2012 Esri User Conference, we demonstrated how PNG pictures improve the appearance of picture marker symbology when the symbols are scaled in size. Now you can download a new 3D spheres style that contains picture marker symbols created using PNG files. Continue reading

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Updated NPS style

By Jaynya Richards, Esri Research Cartographer

NPS Style - Thumbnail

We just added to Esri’s Mapping Center ArcGIS Resources – Styles page a style that contains newly updated cartographic symbols for the National Park System (NPS). Tom Patterson, NPS Harper’s Ferry Center (HFC) cartographer, shared the symbol files with us, and we used them to create this ArcGIS 10 style, its five associated Esri fonts, and three associated graphic files. With this style, you can use the most current NPS symbology on your maps.

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Vegetation map inspires a style with great colors

By Jaynya Richards, Esri Research Cartographer

Vegetation Map - thumbnail

Because we love the colors used on the vegetation map in the The National Atlas of the United States of America, one of our cartographers put together a style with these colors so you can use them on your maps, too. You can download the style from here on Mapping Center’s ArcGIS Resources > Styles page.

The National Atlas of the United States of America was published by the US Geological Survey (USGS) in 1970 and edited by Arch C. Gerlach (figure 1). Continue reading

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FormFonts 3D

When it comes to 3D model stock, Google’s 3D Warehouse is a great resource. However as we all know, these models can’t be used in other GIS packages (3D Warehouse EULA, paragraph 11.4).

As GIS professionals, we have to rely on other sources of 3D content. With the recent addition of CityEngine to the Esri 3D lineup, it has become very easy to generate 3D geotypcial urban content. The software has a powerful procedural modeling core that allows you to dynamically create 3D buildings and streets using your existing operational geodatabases, further reducing the need to maintain a separate 3D model database.

However at this stage, our procedural modeling core does not allow you to model 3D trees, cars, street furniture etc. Also for geospecific 3D buildings, it is sometimes easier to model these manually rather than procedurally.

We therefore reached out to the team of professional modelers at FormFonts 3D. FormFonts started doing in-house modeling of georeferenced 3D models for Esri this year, and so we’d like to share this excellent source of 3D model stock with the Esri community.

FormFonts 3D is a subscription 3D modeling service with more than 11,000 subscribers. It has a professionally developed 3D model library with more than 50,000 3D assets under management. You can subscribe to this living library of rights managed and professional model stock for $199 a year (per user), and enjoy the highest quality 3D models on demand – anytime and anywhere you need them. This subscription model can work well for most of our users, and FormFonts will discount subscriptions depending on the size of your ELA.

FormFonts 3D’s models and textures are fully compatible with ArcGIS via the Collada .dae  format and if you have specific modeling needs, FormFonts will undertake these on a bespoke basis, and can usually turn your models around in less than 48 hours.

Click here to download a complimentary tester pack of 3D models to try from FromFonts 3D.  Instructions are included with the download to add them into ArcGIS.

Gert van Maren
3D Product manager




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Download a PDF of ArcGIS version 9.3 styles

By Jaynya Richards, Esri Cartographic Researcher

Styles PDF thumbnail

Have you ever wanted to see the contents of some of the Esri Styles so you could plan your symbology, find a particular symbol, or just see what is available to you? Download this PDF document (31 MB) to see all of the symbols that were included in version 9.3 of the software. (This document relates to the styles that are included with the complete install of the 9.3 version of ArcGIS.) The index in the PDF will help you search for specific symbols.

Because of the way that styles were reconfigured in ArcGIS 10, we do not yet have a similar PDF document for version 10 styles. If this becomes available, we will also be sure to post this for you! For now, you will be able to find many of the version 10 symbols in the version 9.3 document.

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