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Density-based Clustering: Exploring Fatal Car Accident Data to Find Systemic Problems


You may not be surprised to learn that transportation in the United States is dominated by automobiles. Of all the miles traveled by American passengers in 2016, 86% occurred in cars (BTS 2017). But did you know that fatal automobile … Continue reading

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Learn spatial analysis techniques with scenario-based case studies

Case Studies Thumbnail

The Applied Analysis team has been hard at work developing scenario-based, cross platform exercises to help you learn spatial analysis techniques for solving your real-world problems.  Each case study includes data and step by step workflows for multiple ArcGIS applications, … Continue reading

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Bridging the Gap Between ArcGIS and R

Density-based clustering results for 311 calls in the city of Houston using R's DBSCAN package in ArcGIS.

This past month the R-ArcGIS bridge showcased its capabilities on the main stage. At Esri’s 2017 DevSummit, the bridge was demoed along with ArcGIS’ conda-based python integration to show users the power and possibilities the two provide. As mentioned in … Continue reading

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It’s never too early to learn (and teach!) spatial analysis

Shepard Park

There are few things more inspiring than learning about the next generation of geographers, so we are excited to share the story of Yuliang Huang! Eleven-year-old Yuliang incorporated some awesome spatial analysis skills into his National Elementary Honor Society community … Continue reading

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Put the ‘R’ in ArcGIS

A correlation matrix created in R using the library ggplot2.

Earlier this month at the UC, I presented a demo on the R ArcGIS Bridge that showed how powerful it is when you combine the visualization and spatial analysis power of ArcGIS with the capabilities of R to solve problems. … Continue reading

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The Space Time Cube Explorer Add-in for ArcGIS Pro has been Released!


We are excited to share the new Space Time Cube Explorer Add-in for ArcGIS Pro, which greatly enhances the way you can interact with and explore your space-time cubes created using the Space Time Pattern Mining toolbox. You can download … Continue reading

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Critical Space Time Pattern Mining Patch

The ArcGIS 10.3 release includes the new Space Time Pattern Mining toolbox for analyzing data distributions and patterns in the context of both space and time in ArcMap and Pro. Unfortunately this initial release contains a substantial logic flaw in the Create Space Time Cube tool which makes the results from the Emerging Hot Spot Analysis tool unreliable.  We have corrected this problem in ArcMap 10.3.1 and Pro 1.1 and are providing the patches below for your immediate use.  Regrettably you must rerun all of your previous analyses using the provided fix. Internally we have enhanced our validation strategies to ensure this is not a recurring error.

Lauren Bennett
Spatial Statistics Team
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Reducing Health Care Spending: Analytical Strategies

Medicare spending analysis

The rising cost of health care is a serious problem.  Individuals are increasingly confronted with the impossible choice between food and rent or needed care.  Expensive health care also inflates the cost of doing business making it more and more … Continue reading

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SSN and STARS: Tools for Spatial Statistical Modeling on Stream Networks

Temperature predictions on NHDPlus network.

By: Erin Peterson, Research Scientist, CSIRO Division of Mathematics, Informatics & Statistics Jay Ver Hoef, Research Statistician, NOAA National Marine Mammal Laboratory Spatial Autocorrelation in Streams and Rivers: Tobler’s first law of geography states that, ‘‘Everything is related to everything else, … Continue reading

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Empowering Action — New Tools for Crisis and Humanitarian Response

This week several members of our team attended the 3rd International Conference of
Crisis Mappers (ICCM)
that was held in Geneva, Switzerland and we were blown away by the turn out (Follow #ICCM on Twitter).  This community has grown substantially over the last 3 years – when we attended the first conference held in Cleveland, Ohio back in 2009 there were about 100 attendees.  Now there are more than 400 gathered here discussing crisis mapping and the challenges they face.  There are really 3 main things that we keep hearing as it relates to GIS and mapping: Continue reading

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