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How to extract raster values at point locations?


Many a times, in your analysis, you might need to extract values from rasters based on point locations. The Spatial Analyst extension offers several tools that can do this for you, those being Extract Values to Points, Extract Multi Values … Continue reading

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Can GIS analysis make our roads safer?


Check out this case study Story Map showing spatial and temporal analyses of crash data in Brevard County, Florida.  It begins with a simple space-time trend analysis, displaying the results in 3D.  The workflow is then refined to analyze traffic … Continue reading

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Using ArcGIS Network Analyst for Fiber Backhaul Planning

Delivering fiber backhaul to potentially tens of thousands of new and existing cell sites requires careful planning to optimize the fiber routes.  This traditionally manual, costly, and time consuming process can now be automated using spatial analysis tools.  Esri offers a Backhaul Optimization model solution template that is built on the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension for ArcGIS Desktop. When given a set of wireless access points (for example, cell towers) and a set of network access points, the Backhaul Optimization model will quickly generate an optimized network topology and routing plan detailing how cell sites can be connected to the network.

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Insights as a spatial analysis tool

Insights for ArcGIS

Insights for ArcGIS is a unique application in the ArcGIS platform because it was developed specifically for exploratory spatial analysis. The drag and drop capabilities of Insights make it easy to run your analysis as it occurs to you, rather than … Continue reading

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GeoDescriber: Expanding the Reach of Geographic Information

Landscape description of Whanganui National Park, New Zealand.

Photo credit: James Shook. Text credit: GeoDescriber

Can your GIS talk?

Does it say the right things?

In the era of too much information, demand for a smart solution to automatically interpret data for a specific audience is rising. GIS is no exception. Maps help us understand the geography, but more is possible. That’s why I’m excited about something new we’ve been working on. We named it GeoDescriber. Continue reading

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It’s never too early to learn (and teach!) spatial analysis

Shepard Park

There are few things more inspiring than learning about the next generation of geographers, so we are excited to share the story of Yuliang Huang! Eleven-year-old Yuliang incorporated some awesome spatial analysis skills into his National Elementary Honor Society community … Continue reading

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Stop Missile Attacks on your Base


In war zones, rockets are just one tool insurgents use to combat friendly forces (roadside bombs, snipers, and ambushes are also common). GIS aids in the predictive analysis needed to defeat these threats. Actionable Intelligence is a new Learn ArcGIS lesson … Continue reading

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Creating thematic maps with hexagons in ArcGIS Online


The process of aggregating and summarizing point data into equal sized connected hexagons is called hexagonal binning. This has become increasingly popular because creating thematic maps with hexagons is an effective way to visualize patterns and clusters in your data … Continue reading

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Announcing the 2015 Esri Ocean GIS Forum


We are pleased to announce that the 2015 Esri Ocean GIS Forum, November 4-6 at the Esri Conference Center in Redlands, CA, USA, is now taking early registrations, as well as contributions to all sessions. Please note the following deadlines: … Continue reading

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Esri and the Science Community: The Year Ahead


From the Esri Insider blog post Science at Esri continues to be an exciting initiative where we are concerned with supporting both basic and applied science, while also recognizing that there are many major themes of compelling interest to society … Continue reading

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