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Workforce for ArcGIS (Web) just updated!


Today, February 20th 2018, we updated the Workforce for ArcGIS web app. New in this update… 1. You can now load mobile workers from a file. 2. Add integration with Explorer for ArcGIS. 3. Pass the GlobalID of the assignment to features … Continue reading

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What’s New in Operations Dashboard (December 2017)


At-a-glance decision making with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS We are very excited to announce that Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS has moved out of beta and is now released! It is included with your ArcGIS Online subscription and will be available … Continue reading

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What’s new in ArcGIS for Emergency Management


The team has been working over the last few months to enhance the ArcGIS for Emergency Management solutions and to improve the solution deployment process. We’d like to highlight the following solutions: Situational Awareness, Operations Response, and Logistics Planning Each … Continue reading

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Final Reminder—Live Feeds from Technical Marketing will be Retired on December 31, 2016


Over the past year, we have been migrating the live feeds, provided by Esri Tech Marketing (http://tmservices1.esri.com), to ArcGIS Online.  All of these feeds are now part of the Living Atlas collection under the “Earth Observations” category.  As we have … Continue reading

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Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS Open Beta!


We are pleased to announce the first public beta of the next generation of Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS! Join us and get started now! We are rebuilding on the web and starting today we will be releasing a series of … Continue reading

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November 2015 Local Government, State Government & Emergency Management Solutions Updates

Incident Analysis Viewer

In parallel with the November 2015 Update to ArcGIS Online several of the configurable ArcGIS Solutions have been updated to make deployment easier and provide new capabilities. Situational Awareness Maps and Apps The Situational Awareness widget required to deploy the … Continue reading

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Opening New Possibilities with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS


The version 10.3.1 release of Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS opens up new possibilities for you to create and share powerful, focused dashboards within your organization. Rolling out with the latest update to ArcGIS Online, Operations Dashboard includes some updates to … Continue reading

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Build a Real-time Traffic Dashboard in 15 minutes or less!


Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is designed to monitor day to day operations. It just comes with your ArcGIS organization and includes a Windows app that you can use to author a view of your work and stand up inside of … Continue reading

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Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS v10.3 is live now!

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS just released it’s 10.3 update and you can download it from ArcGIS Online right now!

There are a number of very focused, great new enhancements to take advantage of with this update and we have made a number of stability improvements as well.

Here are some top enhancements to look for… Continue reading

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How to Share ArcGIS Online Live Feeds with the Public


In our last post, we showed an example presentation that contained the live feeds in a public application.  In this post we wanted to provide the details on how you can share ArcGIS Online content with the public.  This applies … Continue reading

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