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New Traffic Count Map and App

A Tour of Traffic Counts in the USA

Check out the new 2016 Traffic Counts in the United States web map and the USA Traffic Counts for Site Selection app. Both offer new ways to look at traffic counts. The 2016 Traffic Counts in the United States web map is ready … Continue reading

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Business Analyst Online Silverlight™ API Available on the Resource Center

 by Garry Burgess

We are pleased to announce the release of the Business Analyst Online Silverlight™ API.  This new API enables you to create rich internet and desktop applications that utilize the powerful market analysis capabilities of ESRI Business Analyst.

The Business Analyst Online Silverlight API extends the capabilities of ESRI’s core Silverlight SDK with methods to create trade areas, run demographic reports, produce comparative analytics and the like. This new API greatly shortens the development time for creating Silverlight applications that utilize the Business Analyst Online API and makes it easy to develop using Microsoft’s Expression Blend and Visual Studio.

Version 1.1 of the Business Analyst Online Silverlight API is now available for download on the ArcGIS Server Resource Center.  


The new Resource Center page for the Silverlight API includes:

  • Download to the Silverlight assemblies for the Business Analyst API
  • A complete set of developer documentation replete with downloadable code samples
  • Object Model Diagrams
  • A working live sample of the Silverlight API that demonstrates the use of several Business Analyst Online Silverlight API components
  • A link to download the source code for the sample application

Version 1.1 of the core ESRI Silverlight SDK is required to use this API.  Details about ESRI Silverlight SDK including a download to the latest version can be found here:

Note – Silverlight 3 is now required with version 1.1.

Several blogs that illustrate how to use this new API will follow in the near future.  Stay tuned!

The Business Analyst Development Team

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Comparison Reports Are On The Way in Business Analyst Online

   by Brenda Wolfe

Dear ArcGIS Business Analyst Online customers, if you have been waiting for comparison reports, your dreams will soon come true.  The next release of Business Analyst Online in early September will offer robust comparison reporting capabilities. 

With Business Analyst Online’s comparison reporting, you will be able to…

  • Compare multiple sites to see which are better than others
  • Compare sites to the geographies in which they are located
  • Compare sites to a benchmark site, geography or summary statistic
  • View comparison charts and tables of popular variables on the fly
  • Create your own comparison report by choosing from hundreds of variables, then save your custom report for future use
  • And export comparison reports to Excel

I will leave you with this juicy bit of information for now.  Look for additional detailed blogs to come.


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ArcGIS Business Analyst Online Beta–Part II, New and Improved

 by Brenda Wolfe

This week the ArcGIS Business Analyst Online beta was updated.  The feedback from the first release was glowing, but we hope users like the second beta even more when they see the flashy new features that have been added.  Here a few quick items…

For starters, the Home tab layout has changed to help users get started quickly.  Because many users want to enter an address right away, we have moved the Select Location tab to “Step 1.”

A new way to view and select sites has been added to the top of the Get Reports tab.  Users can now readily see the site name and characteristcs, making selection easier.

We are creating features to help users work more efficiently.  In the updated beta, users can now choose which tab they want the applicaiton to open to by default.  Tired of the Home tab?  Now you have a choice!

If you would like to check out these new features and more, e-mail me at bwolfe@esri.com.

More to come, stay tuned. 



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When dots on a map are not enough

by Jim Herries

A friend wrote me recently asking how to provide some additional value to a client who had mapped out their store network and that of their competitors as ‘dots on maps’ using a popular mashup approach.  Before offering suggestions, we exchanged emails about why the current visuals were unsatisfying to that client.

The heart of the issue is that visual representations are stimulating for a period of time, but ultimately they lead to a hunger for explanations.  The dots look good but immediately lead to questions that start with “Why…”. 

Any mapping software can be made to jam a ton of point symbols onto a single map.  Here’s an example from an interesting blog about a very specific issue.  If you browse through the blog, note the passion and frustration emerging in the thread.  All over a map???

Signal to noise ratio is out of whack.

In the case of my friend’s inquiry, the down economy has this client asking whether they have an appropriate configuration of stores relative to the market opportunity and to the competitive landscape.  The ‘dots on maps’ provided a clear benefit: it helped the client recognize that they were ready for some actual analysis of the situation. 

We talked about doing more visuals with better symbols representing how many competitors were within the trade areas of the store network.  That was good too, in that it surfaced the fact that not all competitors are equal, in terms of brand strength or physical characteristics such as square footage. But better symbolization won’t substitute for good analysis.

You can see your favorite place to shop from the road, and you can see it on a map.  Do you understand why it is there?  Do you understand how long it can remain there profitably?  Do you have an idea of what it would become after that?  Someone should.  The markeplace answers all three of those questions over time, but watching the dots come and go on the map is different than analyzing and planning for which dots will come and go.

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Beefed up tools in ArcGIS Business Analyst

 by Kyle Watson

Same great tools, more functionality.  We’ve beefed up some existing ArcGIS Business Analyst tools with additional feature – at the request of users like you.

Here’s what we did in Business Analyst 9.3…

Mean Store Center analysis – added ability to find multiple potential site locations based on high concentration of customers.  Why is this relevant?  Here’s a scenario:  You are a bank looking to add ATMs based on your customer residences. The multiple mean store center tool is perfect for analyzing where those ATMs should go.  In 9.2, only one mean store center could be located at a time.  Learn more here.

Threshold Trade Areas – added ability to determine a capacity by drive time.  Why is this relevant?  Here’s a scenario:  You know your franchises need a minimum of 150,000 people living within 10 minutes – not 10 miles – but 10 minutes.  In 9.2 you could determine a threshold area by ring only which may not accurately reflect the landscape, in 9.3 we’ve added a more real-world approach with drive times.  Learn more here.


Here’s a further breakdown, where your humble blogger breaks out the smelly markers…

So if  you have an “I like this Business Analyst feature, but want it to also _____” wish list…I want to hear about them.

Stay classy,



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