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Check out ArcGIS Apps for the Field at the 2017 User Conference!


At the 2017 Esri User Conference in San Diego, California this week, there will be tons of presentations and events, covering hundreds of topics. To help you find your way to the Apps for the Field sessions and events, we … Continue reading

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UC activities for Esri Production Mapping

As we get closer to the Esri International User Conference we wanted to put together a list of activities related to Esri Production Mapping that you may find useful. You can find a similar list specifically for ArcGIS Data Reviewer here.

Esri Showcase

Esri Production Mapping editing experts will be available at the Geodatabase Management island in the Esri showcase area to talk specifically about the editing tools within this solution. Production Mapping cartography experts
will be at the Mapping & Visualization island where they will demonstrate and answer your questions related to the cartography tools within this solution. Both showcases are open on:

  • Tue, July 12th from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wed, July 13th from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thur, July 14th from 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

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Devsummit: New Multi-sessions

The ESRI developer community is gearing up for the DevSummit next week, including everyone here at ESRI. If you haven’t already noticed, there are a few different styles of presentations this year. One of particular interest is the “multi-session”.

It was clear that there were interesting and useful topics that didn’t fit the full 75 minute format and that were getting left out, so multi-sessions were born.

Each one has an overall common theme and is designed to let the presenters give you a very concentrated
and focused delivery of a sub-topic in 20 minutes. They will be moderated and there will be a 5 minute Q&A after each mini-session.

There are 4 multi-sessions scheduled this year:

Follow the links to see more details on the topics within each. We think these are a great addition to the DevSummit, so come back and let us know how you think they worked out.

- Nick

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ArcGIS Developers: Road Map for the 2009 User Conference

If you’re a developer and you’re headed to the User Conference this year, here’s a “cheat sheet” of the sessions, activities and events that you might be interested in. 

The links below have search filters set so you can browse quickly.  Enjoy!

Sessions – Learn

Here are some of the key developer sessions offered this year.  To view all of the developer sessions, you can search by the Developer track in tracks listing.

Pre-conference Sessions (all day)

Technical Workshops

Demo Theaters

Paper Sessions

Special Interest Groups  Meetings (All)

Islands – Talk to developers

The ESRI development teams are always available to answer questions at the product and developer islands.  We definitely recommend that you visit the islands if you want to chat with ESRI staff about developer products, directions, tools and SDKs or ask specific questions about your own development projects.

Technical Support Island – Get questions answered

This is another great developer resource.  You can walk up and schedule an appointment with ESRI Support and other technical staff to get answers to your developer-related questions.

User Software Applications Fair – Show your applications

If you developed an application for your organization, you might be interested in this contest to showcase your application.  The fair runs Tues-Thursday and there are three categories to enter:

  1. Embedded GIS (Component-based applications e.g. ArcGIS Engine)
  2. Desktop (Applications that extend existing applications e.g. ArcMap extensions)
  3. Web-based (Web browser applications e.g. ArcGIS Server API)

EDN Team  

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ArcGIS Developer Poll Results – Most Valued DevSummit Presentation

Thank you for participating in the last survey.  When the final scores were tallied, the Technical Sessions were voted the most valuable, followed by the User Sessions, Plenary Sessions, Presummit Seminars and Demo Theaters.  We were glad to see the User Sessions were highly valued this year!  Hopefully we can offer more next year.

The next poll is coming soon.

EDN Team


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ArcGIS Developers: Status Report #2 on DevSummit 2009 Videos

We are proud to announce that all of the technical session recordings are now posted online and available for viewing. You’ll find the recordings in two locations:

Resource Centers:  The Media Galleries provide the full session descriptions, videos, and links to PowerPoints and code (if applicable) for each presentation.  The videos are categorized by the type of community you are in; for example,  ArcGIS Desktop > DS2009: Introduction to ESRI’s Developer Technologies. 

  • DevSummit Proceedings:  The Developer Summit 2009 proceedings page  provides a master list of all of the recordings.  Each entry links back to the associated video and media in the Media Gallery.If you are looking for a particular video by name, you might find it helpful to search this page first. 

Three user presentations are also viewable, and more will be uploaded this week.  We’ll keep you posted as they become available. Here’s what’s ready today:

Using OpenLayers with ArcGIS Server REST API, presented by James Fee

Building RESTful Apps and Services Using MVC, presented by Brian Noyle

Unit Testing 101: Building Testable Applications, presented by Dave Bouwman

Keep in mind, once you are in the Media Gallery you have two viewing options.  You can either use the embedded Flash Player to view the video at 800 x 600, or you can download the WMV file and watch it locally with the Windows Media Player at a slightly higher resolution of 1024×768.  

Thanks again for your patience and we hope you find these helpful!

EDN Team

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Status Report on DevSummit 2009 Videos

We know you are anxious to see this year’s DevSummit videos, so we wanted to give you a status report of where we are.  We have just published a number of videos in the Media Galleries and we are still processing a number of others.  We are also still linking the videos to the code galleries, so we appreciate your patience as we get everything wired up for you.

In the galleries you will find following types of videos:

  • Plenary session
  • PreSummit sessions
  • Technical sessions
  • User sessions
  • Demo Theaters*

* Since the demo theaters weren’t recorded, we have made them available as  automated “slide shows”, but they do not have  audio. 

If you don’t see the video you are looking, for then we recommend subscribing to the RSS feed in the Media Gallery of interest to be notified automatically notified of updates.  We expect it will take a week or two to get all of them uploaded. 

Lastly, when you are through watching a video, don’t forget to rate and leave comments!

Enjoy and thanks again for your patience.

EDN Team


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Dev Summit 2009 Technical Session Agenda – Now available!

As you know, the ESRI Developer Summit is just around the corner.  We worked hard to get all of the sessions and descriptions published early, so be sure to check out the online schedule to help plan your conference, and to get a sneak preview of what’s coming. 

There are three main types of sessions:

Also, if you are interested in delivering a User Presentation yourself, be sure to sign up today.

Visit the ESRI Developer Summit for more event information.


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Want to be a Presenter at the 2009 ESRI Developer Summit?

The web page for submitting User Presentations is up. 

The ESRI Developer Summit has always been a great productivity event, and we expect the 2009 DevSummit to be even better.  ESRI staff have recently begun preparing about 25% more technical sessions.   Attendees get to hear from and interact with the product teams and innovative developers who are creating our technologies and putting them to use.  And over the past year, we have heard from you that we need to continue growing user-involvement.  After all, it is a “Summit” for all of us, right?

So here we go.  Share your ideas, present your work, or lead a topic of discussion with the developer community.  If you have content that would be of interest to other attendees, then we encourage you to submit an abstract.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity visit the 2009 DevSummit “Share Your Work” webpage.  That page also lists some suggested topic areas, but feel free to be creative.

Once accepted, your assigned conference planner will help get you what you need to be successful.  And then your presentation will be scheduled and promoted on the website, conference materials, and signage.

At this point, it looks like we’re going to have about 10-15 scheduled slots.  The capacity of the room will be between 50 and 70, so it should end up being a more interactive experience if you want it to be.  This room will be part of the “Showcase” area, which is the central hub of the event.  Then in the weeks leading up to the DevSummit, registered attendees will be able to vote so that particularly popular sessions can be moved into larger capacity rooms.

The deadline for submissions is February 6th, 2009.  If you’re interested, let us know right away and we look forward to working with you.

Article submitted by the EDN Team at ESRI.

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