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Check out Esri’s new tools for managing Planet imagery in ArcGIS


Planet’s high-resolution satellite constellations image the entire world every single day. Both Planet and Esri aim to provide resources that help users turn this wealth of data into visible, accessible, actionable solutions. That’s why Esri has added tools for managing PlanetScope … Continue reading

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Esri’s New Partnership with GEOSS


This post also appears in Esri Insider. Last update: January 26, 2014. Over the past week we heard quite a bit about the polar vortex (not a new term, by the way) as North America struggles with some of the … Continue reading

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ArcGIS.com maps in Business Analyst Online

 by Sooria Jeyaraman

As you all know in our latest release, we have added more basemaps to the product, which I covered in my previous blogpost. One more exciting addition to the basemaps is the integration of maps from ArcGIS.com. Continue reading

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Sneak Preview: More Basemaps in Business Analyst Online

 by Sooria Jeyaraman 

Currently in Business Analyst Online we provide three different standard basemaps: Streets, Satellite and Topographic. Satellite has options to turn the road/place labels on or off and also provides the dates of the satellite images (this was explained in detail in my previous blog: BAO Snippet Image Dates). We’ve received requests from users to access other standard basemaps that come with some other Esri products. We’ve once again listened to our users and have done that and more… 

In the upcoming release of Business Analyst Online, the “Topographic” map button is replaced with the “More Maps” drop-down menu. Open the menu under “More Maps” and you will see Continue reading

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BAO Snippet – Image Dates

  by Sooria J

When you see a satellite map in Business Analyst Online or any other mapping software, have you wondered when the last time the images were updated? How updated is the image? If you are like many (including yours truly) who don’t read the fine print it is hard to get these details on a mapping application. In Business Analyst Online, we understand that these details are very important to our users so we made it simple and upfront. Here’s how.

Click on the Satellite map button, this will switch to a satellite map and open the menu below. In the menu, click the Image Dates checkbox.

This will open a dialog box and provide two bits of information. First, when the image was taken. In this example, the center image of this map (as represented by a crosshair) was last updated on 06/20/2009. Second, when hovering, the yellow tip icon “i” it gives you information about latest imagery update for whole of the images, this typically is done quarterly, every year.

There are couple more interesting features. The images you see on satellite is not a single image as most people believe (including yours truly), it’s a combination of multiple images (tiles) tied together to provide a complete map. In theory your screen could contain more than one image at a time and each of them could have been potentially taken at a different time, interesting huh? This normally happens when you are zoomed out a bit. We wanted to make it clear to you and provide the most accurate date of a tile so a button has been added to this dialog box. Click on this button and click anywhere on the map, a dialog box appears and provides the date of the clicked point. This will also apply a fill to the map to give you an idea about the size of the tile. As I mentioned earlier, the images in a given screen could have more than one updated date for each as shown in this screenshot below.

We think this approach will give you flexibility and accuracy needed in satellite maps.

Hope you find this helpful. Later!


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Hey! I can see my house from here

  by Jeff Hincy

Have you ever wondered how film makers get all that fancy imagery in their movies?  You would assume it costs thousands of dollars and they have to jump through hoops to get it.  Well you too can be a multi-million dollar film maker with the imagery that comes standard with Business Analyst Desktop.

Ok, well maybe that is not entirely true, but you can access some of the latest satellite and aerial imagery with the click of a few buttons.  The ImageConnect toolbar in Business Analyst Desktop is a gateway to some of the best imagery in the business provided by DigitalGlobe. 

Recently we have added a new dataset of imagery to Business Analyst through the ImageConnect toolbar.  It provides our clients with the most up to date imagery that DigitalGlobe has to offer.  It ranges from complete aerial coverage of the United States at up to 1 meter resolution to .3 meter satellite imagery taken from the QuickBird satellite that contains “deep strip coverage of urban, rural and coastal areas.”  You can investigate a new market using imagery as recent as last quarter.

For those of you who have not explored this incredible resource yet, the ImageConnect toolbar is included with Business Analyst Desktop.  It allows you to connect directly to the DigitalGlobe image server and download high resolution satellite and aerial imagery directly into your map and save them for later analysis and viewing.  As long as you have internet access you have unlimited access to these images.

The imagery accessed from the ImageConnect toolbar contains not only the most current imagery but historical imagery that can be used to see things such as construction trends in a market.  It is also important to note that before downloading your image you should examine the available imagery in your market to decide which attribute is the most important for your analysis.  Sometimes vintage is the most important attribute but other times resolution can as or more important.  By default the ImageConnect toolbar will select an image based on a combination of attributes such as resolution, data source, and vintage.  To view a list of available imagery simply click the ImageConnect button and then select ImageConnect Data Library.  From this dialog you will a list of the available imagery at your current map scale and you can select the appropriate image to download for your analysis.

You might be curious how to access this wonderful new data update.  Let me show you how to access it.

Step 1: Launch Business Analyst. 

Step 2: From the Main Menu you will see an ImageConnect menu option. Click the ImageConnect button and select ImageConnect Properties.

Step 3: From the Data Layers drop-down menu select Country Coverage and hit OK.

That’s it you are done.  You will have to do this for each computer that Business Analyst is installed on and these preferences will be saved so you won’t have to go back and do this again.


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