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Le-Ax Water District Using Collector’s High-Accuracy Beta Now!


Collector for ArcGIS is adding exciting new capabilities to the next release that let you map your asset data (hydrant, meters, valves, pipes, signs, and more) with a precise spatial location. ┬áTravis Anderson, an engineer with Le-Ax Water District in … Continue reading

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Using GNSS Receivers with Collector for ArcGIS


Collector for ArcGIS extends the reach of ArcGIS into the field so that you can improve the accuracy and currency of your data. Using your mobile device you can collect and update spatial and tabular data managed inside of your … Continue reading

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Smartphones, Tablets and GPS Accuracy

Implementing mobile solutions that target the needs of your field workforce, that leverage your investment in the ArcGIS platform, and are available on the most modern and cost effective device platforms is critical when defining your mobile strategy.

Location is important and depending upon what you are mapping, locational accuracy can make or break a GIS. When considering the use of smartphone and tablet platforms one of the first questions you may ask is – how accurate is the GPS?? The answer to this question will shape the decision you make on device platforms. Or will it?? Continue reading

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Esri GPS Base Station "gisa"

Esri has installed a permanent building mounted Global Positioning System/Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS/GNSS) base station in Redlands, California named “gisa”. GISA operates a Trimble NetR9, dual-frequency GPS/GNSS receiver with Zephyr Geodetic Model 2 antenna. The base station meets National Geodetic Survey Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) guidelines and is in the process of being incorporated into their national CORS network. Continue reading

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